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Hello  Everyone, I’m Sam Ammouri- Site Author.

I thank you dearly for stopping by And feel free to make this website your new home,  and let me assure you if you are looking for an honest and ethical way of making money online with the least or even no money, you are not going to find another site that offers you so much valuable information on how to reach the ultimate online success for free!working hard

Why work as a slave to make someone else rich when you can work for yourself and those you love? Creating wealth gives you more options in your life. But, like any worthwhile pursuit, there is a gap between the “want to have” and the actual accomplishment.

That’s where so many people find it hard. Listed below are a few tips to help you get “the feel” and make more money from your online endeavor. You can also utilize real professional help to reach ultimate goals, I do personally encourage you to have a peek at this, this may give you a 360 degree turn with your endeavor Click Here!

Set precise Goals

I know goal setting is not a big news flash for those of you reading this post. Most of us have some kind of goal in mind before we begin any task. But the biggest challenge with setting goals is we are often cloudy.

Setting a goal “to make a lot of money and be happy” is good but your mind needs something much more specific to work on. How much money do you need each month for financial freedom? Is it $2,000, $3,000, $5000?
The good thing,  financial freedom isn’t as hard to get as some make it sound…

Here’s a definition for financial freedom…

“It is having enough income so that your passive monthly income exceeds your needs.”

Think about what your monthly financial freedom number is and write it down. Visualize your life when you are earning passive income at that level. Once you have a clear target in your sites all you need to do is keep on firing until you hit the target.

Understand Your crowd

One of my  mentors taught me a powerful lesson when he said, “To become successful in any business, you must clearly understand the people you deal with.bill gate

Know their likes and dislikes. Know what they will purchase and why they purchased. Know everything you can about them so you can deliver what they want at a price they love”Books have been written on that subject but hopefully you get my point.

It’s not enough to pick a niche and invent a website. To make money in your niche you have to know exactly what that niche is looking for and be able to communicate your offering to them in a way that let’s them know you: • understand them clearly • put their needs and concerns above yours.

Courage and motivation Go Hand in Hand

once an internet GARU said, “There are two sides to courage. First is the confidence to launch your business without success guarantee  and second is, the ability to persist in the face of missing your mark.”
Many has  faced times of disappointment? Success with online marketing takes courage and confidence—confidence in yourself and in your idea to fill a need within your market segment.

Success = Knowledge + Motivation and action

I cannot think of a better way to stress success. If you truly want success with your online  marketing business, you must take daily meaningful actions . Do something every day that moves you closer to your set goals.
Successful online marketers are always in motion. They don’t sit in a parked car and wish to reach their destination.

Excellence Leads to prosperity
Successful individuals never settle for less. They drive very hard to excellence. Turning excellence into prosperity means you must first become a pioneer in your field  and  second, know how to promote your expertise to those who have the greatest demand for it.
Real big time wealth is made by those who pioneer the excellence to become an expert in the field that they are highly passionate about. Expertise is actualized when passion and vision are combined into a significant body of know how.
Once you build your expertise you have something to market online no matter what your passion of marketing is.
Having said all that, excellence is more than expertise. Excellence requires credibility. Excellence is evident when your performance matches your  intentions. Never promise anything you cannot deliver.

Stay determineddetermin1

If you aren’t truly  focused on your endeavor, odds are you won’t make it. Success in any endeavor requires real sharp focus and  clarity of purpose. You cannot succeed at anything until you are absolutely clear about your objectives and solid determination to yield results.
Keep focused on the outcome, not the bumps. It is very natural to have bumps on our paths.
focus on a successful outcome is what separates online business successes from the “wishers”. Keeping yourself distracted by thinking about road bumps, old failures and emotional life dramas will lead you into missing your mark.

Spend a few uninterrupted moments occasionally  focusing on your endeavor objectives. Creating clarity of vision, purity surrounding your goals and purity surrounding your area of expertise is very important for hitting your mark.

Ready-Aim-And launch

Start your day with readiness–make an easy 3 point action plan. Aim–keep your self purely focused on your ultimate objective. Launch–keep on launching until you tick off all three action steps for the day. Ready, Aim, Launch.

Halt negativity Before It settles

Negative attitude can derail your plans faster than the state of Texas hangs a criminal. Whether you have a negative attitude about yourself, your industry, or your relationship with financials this passive energy must be replaced by a positive one.
Put yourself on a 10 Day Mental Health mentor. Challenge yourself by thinking positive, truthful and empowering gestures  for a few minutes a day for 10 days.
As your negative thoughts try get in, treat them like demons. What would you do if a demon tries to get the best of you, you’ll viciously fight it off.
Do the same with negative feelings trying to embed themselves in your mind. Train your mind to hold positive thoughts. Start with a 15 minute set then strive for a 30 minute and next a 40 minute goal and so on…..
When we replace negative thoughts with positive ones, We’ll start having positive results.” ~Willie Nelson”

Watch this motivational video for a nice kick in the but


Hope this was of a great help, If you need me for any further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below-

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