How to understand your website traffic count

How to understand your website traffic count

Questions we all love to ask.. and know the answer for:web traffic
  • Is your business convenient for online sales or is your purpose in having a website to increase brand awareness and drive people into a bricks & mortar location to buy service or products?
  •  people understand what you want them to do when they go to your website?
  • Would you analyze your traffic statistics?
  • How do you know if your website is working if you never look at this great tool that gives you specific information on who is visiting your website and how they are finding your site?
  • If you check your statistics do you know what they mean?
  • What’s the difference between visitors and unique visitors?
  • Some people talk about hits? What does the term “hits” mean?
  • Do you know what your prospective customers need to hear, read, see, and feel, for them to push the Buy Now button?

Please remember

A- sites and blogs are more than just getting traffic. It has to be the right traffic and your site has be able to close a sale.It’s important to attract visitors and while B- they are there, capture their contact information; even if they like your website and bookmark it, they may never come back again.

Here’s the most important information you can glean from your web stats and what you can do with that EXPERIENCE.

1. The Number of visitors

These are the total number of visits to your website in a month, week or day, depending on the time frame you requested the report for.

You need thousands of visitors not hundreds. If you examine how many visits there are to your website and look at the number of unique visitors you have an idea what people think of your website/blog

2. What is the unique visitor?

When someone visits your website the first time, they’re considered a unique visitor, however it’s not that simple. Each statistic package counts visitors differently so it’s important to understand how the technology you are using counts unique visits. Some Application have a 30 minute default which means they reset after 30 minutes which affects stats dramatically.

A-. Joan , Mary and Gail visit a website at 2pm.

B-. Mary and Gail go away and come back 27 minutes later to take another look.

C. Joan and Gail come back 4 hours later and then again an hour after that.

Now the Total unique visits would be counted like this:web traffic1

  • 1st Visit Mary, Joan, Gail – 3 unique
  • 2nd Visit Mary, Gail – 0 unique
  • 3rd & 4th Visits Joan, Gail 4 unique
  • Same 3 people have generated 7 unique visits in one day.

3. Length of time on website

If visitors aren’t staying on your site then either you aren’t attracting the right visitors or you aren’t giving them what they want or expect when they arrive.

4. Number of pages viewed

Your ultimate goal is to have people stay on your site long enough for them to take some sort of action, either sign up for your membership, buy something, contact you or plan a trip to your store. The more pages you can entice people to view, the better the chance you have of getting them to do what you want them to be done.

5. Pages most viewed 

This reveals which pages people find most interesting on your website. You have an opportunity to create more pages on this same topic and provide additional information or sell more products of the same type or just add to the content on that page to increase traffic. You may also decide to create a whole new site on this niche alone. Is there something different about the design or layout of these pages that is more appealing than the other pages on your website/blog.

6. Entry pages

Every page on your site is a doorway in to it. Top entry pages indicate that either traffic is being is referred to that page, or the page is coming up on natural search due to the subject, keywords/phrases on the  site page.

7. The Exit Pages

If the majority of your site traffic is leaving when it hits a certain page then it’s time to revisit that page to see what you can change to stop that from happening.

8. The Visitor Path

It is necessary to know where someone goes once they land on a website. This is a good indication of what is catching their attention on the page and the site and is another opportunity to give your visitors more of what they are looking for.

9. Top Keywords & phrases

It’s important to find keywords/phrases that have good search value and not too much competition but this can be a difficult task. Placing keyword in close proximity in the order people use them when searching can also positively impact your natural search results.

This tool tells you which words people are searching for when they find your site. If they are only finding you by your business name you know that it’s your offline marketing that is driving traffic to your site and it’s an opportunity to do some optimizing work on your site and add new keywords/phrases to expand your search outcome.

10. The Top referrals

This is where you find out who is sending traffic to your website. Links to your site are important and more so if they come from a site that is an authority site (an educational site for example) or a site with a high Google page rank.web traffic2

It is also important to get links from sites that have synergy with your business, businesses that would typically send you customers in the offline world. If you have a page on a social networking site you can see if people are clicking through to your site/blog to find out more.

11.Top robots

Spiders are sent out by search engines to scan website for new content, check to see a site is still online, index it in their search results, rank it and collect data. If you are adding new content on a regular basis and/or have high traffic to the site the search engines will visit more often which allows your new content to come up on search soon after it’s posted.

12. The Search engines

It is important to see which search engines visit the site and how often they visit. Do a search for engines other than the ones that already visit your site and submit your site to them to be crawled.

So what do “hits” mean and how is it relevant to the traffic volume of your web site?

 it’s not!

Hits are the number of files downloaded when someone views a webpage and can also include a spider’s visit to the page. Although the page may seem to be one download, it’s not; each piece of code relating to design style, a photo, a link, and a button is a hit so one view by a visitor may result in 15 to 45 hits or more making it irrelevant in quantifying the traffic your website receives.

For example a new website may receive an average of 600 visitors a month, 1600 page views and 8000 hits.

What does all of this mean to me?

If serious about doing business or attracting business on the web it’s important to understand what your prospective customers are looking for and if you are giving it to them. You don’t have to wonder or guess if you take the time to look at your statistics and find out the metrics of your site. When you have a website you’re open 24/7, and it’s not costing you much to be open.

You are there whenever your prospects want information or to shop for the products and services you sell. So tell me, “How much is a website worth to your business?  and “What can you do to increase that value?

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.


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