How To Use Markup And Rich Snippets

How To Use Markup And Rich Snippets

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Webinar Description

Semantic Markup

Structured Data Markup

Google Schema

Microdata Format

And hey!

Does your content adhere to the microdata format and use Schema’s vocabulary yet?


WELL, These fancy pants code can get you some awesome SERP rankings such as authorship, rating stars and videos thumbnails. But without knowledge, it can get REALLY confusing as it is essentially another language. But with some simple guidelines, it doesn’t need to be

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes

Definition of Semantic Markup (What the Heck is it!)
Understanding How it Works & Why Use it
Schema for Content (Reviews & Authorship)
Schema for Video and Images
Super Secret Schema for Local
Schema Markup Cheat Sheet (Printable)
All Live Q & A Session

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