Is Rippln review Legit Or Scam?

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Rippln Review: Scam or not?

By Sam Amouri
 July/3/ 2013

Have you yet got privileged and received one of the rippln invites in your email  or cell phone?  Or been asked to start a ripple and take advantage of the latest and greatest thing who’s  going to change the core dynamics of online marketing? Somehow I’m a little skeptical here. You may not get a Rippln invite from me to jump on things. Neither do I wish you to pass my contacts to Rippln if it is in your possession. Yes I did receive an invite from an old friend  but did not take the steps to sign up.

In brief words here is my review of Rippln systems based on my affiliate experience and by doing so I’m not trying to convince you to join or not but one thing I know for sure
I don’t ripple neither have any intentions to do so!



Costs- Unknown ?


Rippln Brian.

Underwood Jonathan

Budd Russell Brunson

Terry Lacore

Jim  Bunch

This program seems very much like another MLM pyramid  program who’s hiding behind an app that suppose to allow everyone to benefit from sharing products and apps in the future. They seem to still be at beta phase, where everybody “is having fun” trying to build their ripple as high  as they can. supposedly eventually a new app is going to be available that allows you to earn from your ripple.

How about the product!

I somewhat doubt they have an actual product. They don’t seem to have one now as we speaking!. The claims are  companies will come eventually join in and  pay them for marketing their products though the app and the ripple therefore rewarding everyone all the way down for spreading the word. From an outside view This sounds like a viable way to market a new product. But my fear is that it will be a bunch of worthless apps that are nothing but a waste of time or some old  and worthless MLM diet product that was tossed away because of lacking success in the first place!

Owners Involved

You can easily engine-search those involved. You may discover ties to Burnlounge, Localadlink, and Izigg.  Not too sure though if any were in Zeekrewards and Zeekler. But Zeek Rewards is a company was shut down with rumors around that Rippln being able to grab some of the top performers from  Zeek rewards.


I’m not too comfortable with this venture, I’m afraid it will fall faster than the state of Texas hangs a criminal!. while a few  may make some  money  along the way. But I think to make money you will have to pay some kind of monthly or set-up fees, and in the process dragging others to do the same then here we go again with another pyramid scam that victimized countless people throughout the years and never seem to stop.

Expect with the ripples program to be spammed like ever before to be eligible for the upgrade.  The app will make it easy to spam and may actually do the spam homework for you. That app enables them access to your contacts wherever it exists. Before going in any deeper, make sure to prepare yourself for the bombardment you are about to unleash on your friends and family members and clients too may not be spared from your relentless spam attacks.

If you are looking for an ethical online opportunity who’ll make you honest pride money why don’t you check here where I joined myself.

And if you need any further help please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.


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