Is Your Fear Deciding Your Destiny

Is Your Fear Deciding Your Destiny?

Yes. You may realize that even though you may be a prisoner inside your own mind, that you are not locked up in there. You are free to walk out anytime you want to do so. The choice is yours!owel

personally,  I don’t believe in embracing your fear, it doesn’t deserve coddling!  Face it head-on!  Don’t let your fears lead you and guide you!  Instead allow your strong well and unshakable determination take the lead from you.

(“Fear herds us into a prison and slams the doors. Wouldn’t it be great to walk out?” – By Max Lucado)

Here is a List of some fears people in general tend to experience:

  1. Fear of losing your job
  2. The Fear of disease
  3. Fear that God will take someone you love away from you to live with Him
  4. Fear that you will lose the church God called you to pastor
  5. Fear that people won’t like you if you step out and do something different
  6. Fearing divorce
  7. Fear of falling in love again
  8. Fear of the unknown
  9. Fear of rejection
  10. Fear being single for the rest of your life
  11. Fearing that people are talking about you
  12. Fear of heights
  13. Fear of flying
  14. Fear of animals
  15. Fear of water
  16. Fear of failure
  17. Fear of not accomplishing a dream before you die
  18. Fear of darkness
  19. Fear of crowds
  20. Fear of intimacy
  21. Fearful to speak in front of people
  22. Fear of the future
  23. Fear of commitment

The reasons why a person fears are too many. Some are scared of commitment because they have already been down that road and gave their heart away to only feel the backlash of betrayal, so now they run away from commitment.

I could probably come up with the why’s of why we fear all of these, but then that would mean that you would have to read about 40 pages of a simple blog. So I will refrain from doing that.

The Fear often paralyzes a person to the point that they will not do something if it involves the thing that they fear the most. Now there is a big difference between actually fearing something, and not doing something because it’s just something you don’t want to do anyway. Like for me I have no desire to climb mountains.

Is it something I fear? I never think about it actually, it’s just something that I have no desire to accomplish.  That is for sure not on my bucket list to do, and it’s definitely not something that is going to cause my destiny to go haywire if I do climb that mountain. If I am honest on this site today, I just re-read the list of fears I wrote down and I have probably experienced all of those fears at one time.

There are 6.4  million Americans who have been diagnosed with some sort of phobia according to the Health Daily Guide. But there are a lot more out there who have just learned how to cope with it. Phobia is just another name for fear. it’s definition comes from the Greek, “phobos” that means fear.

As you let fear steps into your mind:

what do you do?

How do you handle it?

Do you start entertaining those thoughts of fear?

And what if the spirit of doom also steps into your mind? The mind is where the battle lies then who shall win?

Maybe this will help relieve you to know that you are absolutely not alone out here in this flawed world… So don’t beat yourself up for fearing something, but at the same time, do not let it keep you there! Do not let your fear drown you, suffocate you, and stop you from fulfilling a dream.  we are in a spiritual battle daily, and fear will try to combat us and take us down.

Why don’t you today, take control of the fear that has consumed you, and has taken you down the road away from your dreams and purpose? As Kirk Franklin says, “Hello Fear!” I’m saying “Hello” and “Goodbye” to fear today;

“Never let your fears choose your destiny” – Unknown

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below


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