How to Convert Your Website Content Into Instant Sales

How to Convert Your Website Content Into Instant Sales

The full intent of any advert is to grab the readers attention, the majority of people on average 79% may killeroverlook any title,   So you have a one in five chance of attracting a future prospects attention, why would you not increase your chance of this happening by developing your title from a single header liner to a double, giving the reader more thought to keep their attention, the whole aim of any advert is to maintain the readers interest as they will merely move from one title to another and if there is not enough content and interest then they will not continue .

Try not to sell technique

As crazy as this sounds,  people do not want to be sold to, people love to buy but do not want to get sold to, if people have viewed your website then they are actually looking for a solution  rather than to be sold a product,  this is the key to marketing success, do not sell a product but indeed provide a solution.


Those who are looking for weight loss goals, The person in this situation isn’t actually looking to be sold a weight loss product they are actually looking for a solution to lose weight, so,  provide a solution to this and you will have provided an answer rather than have sold a product, the results of this is you have built a relationship with the buyer and in general marketing this is key to your success.

Leading with

The do not sell above, have a simple statement that your product or system will fulfill what the prospect is looking for,  if the prospect is looking for a method of losing weight, then provide a simple statement that your product or program will achieve this, people are wanting an answer not to be sold a product so keep it as simple as possible. By using this product or program and at the end of it you will loose weight and achieve what you are looking for!!…

A Personal statement

This has been one of the most important tools I have applied , this is the difference from the customer thinking that they are dealing with a generic company and actually dealing with an individual, this generates an interaction with a customer, and the minute a customer interacts with you this develops into a sale.kill2

Use a personal statement which. Informs the customer that you have either used the product or have an interest in it, this encourages the customer in regards to contact, email or phone for more information.  This will develop a relationship (which is a key) and builds a trust with the customer that they have someone which will not only sell a product to them but will also offer a solution to the problem that they are seeking. This also introduces the opportunity to brand yourself, always show your own personality in this insight

Your Offer options

Most People love to have a choice in selection, I broke down my packages so that the customer can have the choice of selection on what they were choosing, product options, flavors  etc.

These tactics then develops the options for add on sales, Give the option for upgrades to any packages and this was always an added benefit to any customer,  this helps give the customer more interaction and helps sell the product.

Try to Ease their pain

Many of you has a subscription to an internet gurus, they sell products at discount prices and always offer great discounts, the truth is that whatever we buy we associate a pain and feeling with it. And at the end a solution to some problem is what we are looking for.

Best ways to increase your sales

  •  Try to double headline.. With maximum attention to grab attention
  • The Product statement… Cut to the chase, don’t sell, it works!
  • The Personal statement..  The human factor… There a human available for support before and after the sale.
  • The Selection Factor… Personal choice on product and personal selection.

The killer technique

At this point the customer has not been presented  with a price, they have not associated through the previous four processes whether or not the value of the product or program is up to the value of the sale, therefore they have not associated it with the pain of actually spending money and related this back to whether this merits the value of the product or service you offered.

This technique should only be used if the product or program resolves the customers problem in the first place, I do all my  marketing based on integrity and the greatest satisfaction I have is not a sale but the follow up correspondence saying that the customer in future only wants to buy and deal with myself, this is worth it’s weight in gold in comparison with a purchase.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



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