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Google Pagerank Update What’s Up Matt?

December 10, 2013

Google pushed out a Google Toolbar PageRank update.  This update shocked webmasters because no one expected it, at least not in 2013.

As you may remember, the last Toolbar PageRank update was over on February 4th. It was unusually for Google not to push out a PageRank update quarterly.  Then Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, told us there won’t be a  PageRank update before 2014 – or at least he this is what he thought.

As of December 6th, the Google Toolbar PageRank values have been updated.  I guess the upper management, executives, or Larry Page, didn’t want PageRank disappear after all.

Does this saddens me? Well,  I am sure it makes many Google fans .  Why? Because SEOs and Webmasters obsess about Toolbar PageRank, to the fault of Google.  I said that time and time again:

But Despite PageRank still being part of the algorithm, SEOs know that toolbar PageRank is often outdated and not that useful. In addition, there are many other factors part of the algorithm that may or may not be as important as PageRank elements.

But I do hope your green pixel dust improved since last update.

Here is a video of what Matt has op his sleeve on this:


Sam Ammouri

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