Latest Google Penguin Update- Who Is The Target?

Latest Google Penguin Update- Who Is The Target?

You probably saw all the hoopla  about the latest Penguin update from Google. This time it was specifically targeting spammy links, largely from low quality websites, websites with thin or crappy low quality content.peneguin

This time, the new update affected fewer sites than the previous iteration of Penguin, but regardless I’m sure most of us have seen drops at some point over the last year or two. In fact, there are many website’s owners who are completely paralyzed with fear right now because of how drastically things can change.

How do someone know what he or she should be doing? How do we know what’s safe and won’t get our websites destroyed in 2 or 3 months down the line? Many people have chosen to just do nothing, rather than take the risk.

But we still need to drive more traffic, grab more leads, and ultimately generate more customers. Doing nothing is a sure way to watch your business slowly sinking.

Let’s turn this around and look at things a different way.

  • What hasn’t ever been penalized by any algorithm update?
  • What things have come and gone in importance, but NEVER been negative factors (and probably never will be)?

Two easy ones come to mind:

1. Solid, high quality content.

Crappy & short content has been penalized. Spun content has been penalized. Duplicate content has been penalized.  Gibberish content has been penalized.  But high quality, original content has never been penalized.

You want to know why?

Because high quality, original content is exactly what Google is trying to deliver to users. When people search for something, that’s what they are hoping to show them.

And yes, invest the time in creating great content for your websites. Attractive & meaningful Content that people would actually want to read. Content that we would want to read. It will pay off, if not now then certainly in the long run as search engines such as Google continue to punish people for low-quality material.

2) Social signals.

Also Crappy blog networks have been penalized.  Blog comments have been penalized. Forum links and forum spam have been penalized. And Press releases have been penalized. But real social mentions, shares, and links have never been targeted…

Do you know why?

Because social signals from real people show that your content is of that importance and matters. If some people like your content, then it stands to reason that other people will like it too.

As a matter of fact, over time,  social media signals have increased in importance. If you peek at the relative weight of many different ranking factors, you’ll notice that the biggest social sites are clustered right at the top.


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