How To Maintain Your Buiness Online

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how do I maintain my business online?

All businesses are alike and a business online is no exception. A business is like a house or a car requires constant attention and maintenance. There is 3 major factors any business owner ought to take in consideration.

(1)- The product factor.

It is extremely essential for the product you sell,or the service you offer, to be of a good quality. Products keep changing, keep vigilant to stay on top of the game. there is a brutal competition to every business. Always keep yourself up to date with any updates that may concern your business. you must keep the upper hand on the competition.

trust me they are watching you, visiting you, buying from you just to keep you under check and for any possible ways to redirect  your traffic to their backyards

(2) Your customer.

This is extremely important. without a constant flow of customers you have to business. whether your business is online or in a physical store customers are all alike. Treat them with full respect, listen to them and their complaints, fix their problems, don’t disrespect them for a product complaint or asking for a refund, these issues are normal and happen everywhere and measures up to a very small percentage.

little good things you  maydo for your customers does wonders and gets them glued to your business.I ran 3 gift shops in the past and did wonders just because of the way I treated them Many stopped by just to say hello, This is what happens when you treat people with respect.

you think with a business online things are going to be any different? If you think yes you are dead wrong! You got to treat them the same way, keep in touch with them through all available channels, we all love a feed back when we pay for something, allow them to trust you and come back to you again and again

(3) Advertising is very important.

Spreading the message and telling the world where you are and about your specials and promotions is a keystone to your success.  Specials and promotions are the most enticing bait to lure your customers into sales. you can’t conduct real business without some type of promotions and a few occasional advertisements. It is the oxygen of all businesses.

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