McAfee antivirus software ultimate Review

McAfee antivirus software ultimate Review

McAfee antivirus software- is one of the biggest names in antivirus software. McAfee AntiVirus Plus protects against viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans and rootkits. It also detects and avoids attacks from hackers, phishing scams, dialers, adware and malicious scripts. It is one of the only antivirus software applications to include a two-way firewall.


McAfee AntiVirus Plus- is equipped to protect your computer from threats regardless of where they come from, including network threats, online scams, malicious websites, risky downloads and files shared through email or other.


McAfee AntiVirus Plus- is easy to install and set up. It finds and eliminates threats as it installs itself. This proactive detection ensures a speedy install without getting blocked by malware already on your computer. Scheduling scans and tweaking settings within McAfee AntiVirus Plus should be no trouble for most. All elements of the software are easily accessible from the main console.


McAfee Antivirus Plus- doesn’t require constant maintenance, but is setup to protect your computer in real time, as you access files or browse online. The antivirus software is unobtrusive. There are some popup alerts, but you can turn off the nonessential notifications.

You may schedule scans to occur when you won’t be using your computer. If you’re using a laptop or netbook, you can adjust the antivirus software to not scan unless you’re plugged in. This antivirus software includes a digital file shredder that safely and permanently removes sensitive files.

The SiteAdvisor- a link scanner plugin, provides security ratings on individual websites to protect you from online threats. SiteAdvisor makes it easier to shop, download and surf safely. The utility includes a toolbar that shows the security status of the site you’re currently on and adds unobtrusive security rating icons to each result from a search.


McAfee AntiVirus Plus- has no problem keeping itself up to date. The security and antivirus software is able to update automatically, and McAfee delivers updates often enough to stay on top of the newest threats. McAfee waits for an opportune time to run an update, so your performances always sound.


McAfee- offers a number of resources for additional help, as well as outlets for personal assistance. Online, their antivirus software support center includes technical support and customer support with a searchable knowledgebase and FAQs area.

You may get more personalized help through online chat, email or phone. Or  look at the product-specific user forums. One unique self-help tool that all users can take advantage of is (the McAfee Virtual Technician). This downloadable utility is a simple program that installs, checks your computer and walks you through the fixing process at ease.

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