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Do you know you can just sell websites you build? Mine was appraised for over $17000.00 and that is only a 7 month worth of content building.  I have been working on a new website to sell since pay1September/2013 that has kinda become my baby. I’ve just passed the one month mark and my organic searches are starting to grow exponentially. I imagine once all my work is fully indexed I will be seeing even more and the value will continue to grow.

This is How I did It in steps

Every path will be different and at a different pace but if you want it, it will happen when it is suppose to.

1- I  Did all boot camps twice at WA

there is no way you can retain all of this info the first time. I am a bright student but still went back for seconds. Keywords are great for titles and meta tags in small doses and research is important. Know your competitors and how many slots they are going to acquire for your Keyword phrases.

2- I  Attend webinars – every week

Thumbs to jay for a job well done every week with new important webinars) The BING Webinar now brings me half of my organic searches if even more.

3- I constantly Make friends at WA

People with good rankings are here all the time learning and helping at all times.

4- Open to Accepting constructive criticism

For what it is(helping you grow). I’m not saying let people be negative towards you because criticism can still be presented in a professional and courteous way and just as helpful as.

5- I Utilize social media 

I use Google + for extra traffic and branding my site with my traffic. I am also a part of a group that critiques each others work., leaves comments etc..)Some people will disagree but I think it can jump start a new website or blog.

6- Study your audience

I recently wrote an article and posted it in a forum of parents and targeted a few things they would be looking for in products I am reviewing (Over a 1500 page views for those 4 articles in less than a week) I do my own style of review based on what I learned here but it focuses on what my audience really need.

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7- Always ask for help and guide

As hard as it was to hear Kyle at WA tell me my content sucked when I first started it was the truth. I’m still striving to get better. He didn’t say it like that but after some more training and studying peoples work that came before I did.

8- Nonsense to looking for a better way

If you follow the WA tutorials it will work if you are patient. I have failed more than once here and I’m now a pro in months.

9. Write for readers

My previously annoying bounce rate is continually going down because my organic searches stay and read multiple pages(averaging 11+ and 40 minutes per visit, also hits are dramatically improving.money2

10- Again… Never give up!

Never allow  family, friends or even some nasty people at WA (A very small portion of pessimists) make you want to quit or lead you astray to some get rich scheme. There are so many great people here who want to help you all the way.

To all my friends and Kyle At WA a very big THANK YOU for all of your help. Never conversed with Carson personally but I know you keep WA up and running so thanks. I don’t know what else to add but thank you WA for another source of unstoppable money and online education.

From the bottom of my heart I do recommend you join wealthy affiliate today if you really want a true and ethical online business, because I’m  very positive that in just few months you’ll never be where you are today both financial and online education.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



Sam Ammouri

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