Motivation And Its Impact

Motivation is the driving force behind  achievements.

Little if any  can be accomplished without enough motivation stored for the intended goal. Motivation can be separated into two major categories.motivation3

1- Self content motivation.

This kind of motivation is triggered from within a person to prove to him or herself /her/ his capability of accomplishments such as studying hard to achieve a degree of a certain subject, or the mastering of technical capabilities to tackle for instance computers or other complicated issues such as being a card playing master, climbing to top of mountains, skydiving and so on.

The intent of this behavior is not a career or future but to reach a level of self content.  So this type of motivation is purely accomplishments for self content and the replacement of negative emotional issues and self insecurities with positive energy.

2- Motivation triggered by career inspiration and materialistic rewards.

This  motivation is triggered by our own dreaming or by  watching others being rewarded for a hard work they’ve performed driving our dream sports car or boat or living in mansions we ourselves wish to be in. In other words – dreams trigger motivations and motivations lead to achieving these dreams.motivation2

Remember we said motivation is the drive force behind achievements. Having said that,  it is extremely important  to keep your motivation going. constantly fuel the desire to tap on your dreams, keep the dreams alive, motivation  goes hand in hand with dreams. someone may ask what if I have no money or any other means to achieve any dream or even get motivated?

Very good question! Always remember it is the dreams and  motivations who bring money and success not the other way around! all you need to start from scratch is a dream and as we said this

dream will trigger your motivation and the motivation will lead you to where you want to be.  There is so many achievable endeavors out there that need nothing but your dream!

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