Is Your Website Slowly Loosing Traffic – What To do About It

 Is Your Website Slowly Loosing Traffic

If all of a sudden the nightmare of loosing your website traffic started to take a place, You walk-up every morning hoping this thing is over and your normal website traffic is in full thrust again to find even the traffic2contrary, you are even loosing more and more, then you start wondering what did I do wrong?

I will put the answer to this in a simple few questions I’ll ask you, and if you answer yourself negatively to any of the questions then I want you start working on it instantly, your traffic should be back, I promise.

1- Are you lately in the habit of neglecting your website?

No! it is not okay to get too confident that now your website is so well built, and have enough traffic and I can afford to neglect it for a few days whenever I want to. BIG NO.. NO..

2- Do you routinely check your website links to make sure if they are properly working?

Constant broken link messages will de-rank the pages with broken links, so always make sure all the links within your website pages are properly working.

3- Did your turn your main static page into an aggressive sales pitch, with all the sales links and the prompts for actions? 

if you did I do recommend to have a softer main page that you greet your visitors first,  Google does not appreciate aggressive main static page.

4- Do all your pages have links that points to one or 2 promotional pages?

If this is the case, Google will Slowly begin to de-rank your website pages considering that your website is nothing but a big promotional website.

5- Are you using your website as a bridge page?

6- Have you been neglecting the social media lately?

If yes, start again right this moment, nowadays there is no website existence without the power of social media.

7- Have you been spinning articles?

If this is not done right it’ll come back as a duplicate content sure enough to de-rank your website.

8- Finally did you forget to visit my website regularly?

If you don’t regularly visit my website Google will get angry and de-rank your website (LOL, Just joking)

Just set back, take a deep breath, think of the above and go again all over your website page by page, repost them again to social media, flush and shake them out from unwanted things, fix your errors, check your links,  go back again to Googol’s master tools and relist your pages for ranking again.

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Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



Sam Ammouri

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