Ways To Turn Your Website Into A Money Making Machine

Ways To Turn Your Website Into A Money Making Machine

If you are faced with such dilemma- the following tips will help put back the house in order.money2

Is your presentation right and up to the level?

Your webpage should be attractive and non-confusing. It should not have too many conflicting or distracting info. Does your webpage have a way for your visitors to interact? Are you using your videos efficiently? Can your visitors join your newsletter? Do you have a privacy page and an about me page, these elements are search engine and reader friendly?

If you have an unattractive site then use a different WordPress compatible theme. Look for a theme that is suitable to your topic and type of site. Try to keep things simple so that your visitors can get to the core of the site and navigate efficiently.

Did you do your keyword search right?

This is very important in choosing your domain name, page and blog titles and content, and in SEO plugins. If you’re looking for keywords for content or titles, you should look for popular keywords with little completion, but don’t ignore the rest of the keywords that come up.  place them in source boxes that ask for keywords.

Once writing, avoid stuffing of keywords to avoid problems with the search engines. You should place the keyword or phrase in the title, the first paragraph and the last paragraph.

I use The wonderful keywords tool JAAXY which is the best keyword tool for affiliate marketers. I also use ubersuggest.org and Google suggest.   And Sometimes I look at meta files on competitive sites to see what keywords they are utilizing.

Are you doing your best to utilize all traffic generating methods? How do you promote your site?

Blogging is very effective in generating traffic. Each blog should be well thought out and focused on your site objectives. Try to blog as often as you can.  Also Article writing can be effective in getting the article indexed by the search engines and pointing to your website.

Don’t forget Social Marketing: Everyone should use some social marketing. I use the sociable plugin with WordPress which puts the social site icons below pages and posts so that you market with a click of a mouse.

Email Marketing:  Aweber is a very unique company for email marketing, The best thing I love A-weber is for their widget that you can place in your website to capture email addresses.

PPC: Just make sure you are well trained before hand before using this method.

Utalizing Print Advertising: it can be effective in reaching special markets and audience.

Try to Use as many methods of advertising as you can afford. Placing ads in ezines articles can be very effective in bringing you backlink traffic.content6

Are you linking to other useful websites?

In case you have links that lead readers from your page, make sure you are recommending a site that has more useful information. You don’t want people to leave your page but you do want to be informative and helpful. If you are, your readers will come back no doubt.

You may consider linking to a non-commercial site, like a government site, that give relevant and useful information.

Do you have a quality and meaningful relevant content?

Quality Content is everything in Internet marketing. People are looking for information that will help them solve an issue. Most affiliate marketers make the mistake of selling on their website when they should be grabbing the attention of the reader so that he will be warmed up to clicking a link that leads to the product you are paging where the supplier should be doing the dirty work for you. You are to be the expert giving reliable and useful content to your audience.

In case you created the product then you may want to create a sales page for affiliate marketers May be on Clickbank, to point their readers to where the selling is taking place. You may want to study your copy and have others familiar with your area of expertise read it and comment on it.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



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