Neucopia! Scam? Legit?

 Neucopia! Scam? Legit?

Name:  Neucopia.


Price: $49.95/month Basic, $169.95/month Premium

Owners: Rich Cook- Picture rightrich cook

Overall Rank: 10 to 100.

Support:  Limited Training: PLR Content

Neucopia, evolved from the latin origin  copia, which means “abundant” this supposed  “cash giving” MLM program  surfaced in (June 2012).  These pyramid style payment models seem to be popping up endlessly and work under the idea of one person getting paid for recruiting another.

Like many other pyramid programs (offer 100% commission on the first sale), this program offers this if you are a premium member which is a $169 per month.

I’m not going to say too many good things about this program, simply because I’m getting fed up with so many people getting sucked into these “gray area”, borderline illegal pyramids.  But I do want you read on, because I am going to fully explain the inner workings of the these programs and I am also going to give you a priceless advice as to what you can do to improve your  financial situation.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Quality video interviews within the Premium membership.


  • Very overpriced
  •  Pyramid.  You are promoting the product versus the actual quality of the service.
  • Commissions are not was stated!
  • You have to be a Premium member to earn full commissions
  • The training material for this company is a third party and available for free in many places.
  • support is almost unheard of!
  • You only can promote Neucopia once you sign up. so it is the only source of income.

The Neucopia Compensation Policy –

Neucopia has a hybrid three level MLM commission payout.  For a Basic Level member, you pass up your first three commissions and as a premier member, you pass up your first two

commissions.  So when you join Neucopia, you are paying to become an affiliate versus actually receiving any meaningful training.

Here is the cost of their memberships:

Basic Membership – Cost $49.95 per month Premier Level Membership – Cost $169.95 per month.

How much do you earn for recruiting  people to Neucopia?

After signing up the first 2 or 3 people within Neucopia (depending on the level of your program), your earn $100 per Premier referral.

there is no residual commissions, you only earn for the one time initial recruiting.

For a basic member, the commissions  are lower so they essentially force you into paying more money in order to earn higher commissions and to shorten the number of “pass ups” that you are required to perform.

In short words this is an affiliate program that claims full 100% commissions, but when all is done, you are earning much less than claimed (because of qualifications, and of the requirement to pay  a full Premium membership to earn the highest level, and because of the fact  you only receive a certain percentage of sales and residuals in very limited circumstances).

The Matching Bonus at Neucopia

If you are a Premium member of the Neucopia , you get a $10 bonus for every $100 commission that your sponsored recruits generate.  Pay attention to your average sponsored member will never experience enough success to  get you these bonuses as the average MLM recruit  is never able to sponsor more than 2 people into any given MLM program!


 Membership Trainings & Tools

This is when the Geannie starts to come out of the bottle!

It is the last place you want to be at if asking for quality tools and training!  It is absolute the emphasis here is not on quality training, rather the pyramid set-up of their product

While it may appear as if they offer a decent range of products and tools, but these are all (Private Label Rights) products that they purchased from a third party.  what they did is they bought rights to some cheap content , and  some outdated tools (which will  negatively impact your business if you use it), and put it all together to make up their membership make up.

What I’m talking about here is very low grade training modules that you can buy yourself online for $39 . and get access to 1300 of them, much more than Neucopia even offers you! wow!

Underneath is an example of the products this company utilizes and can be found online for peanuts $$$

Neucopia Basic Membership Training

Once again these products are not owned by Neucopia  they were simply bought as part of a PLR package.

Want to get a little more excited  Go now! do a quick search in Google for either of these products, and see how you can access these low grade products for free.  Under is an example of the “Blogging Profits Unleashed” product, which is 100% free to download and read!


Neucopia's products are really free!

or one other hard way you could pay a monthly fee of $169  for this outdated blogging material within the Neucopia!


What about member support?

This program was started by  Rich Cook, and very little is known about him or his history other than he came from

the network marketing business.

Having said that my advice to everyone is not to get involved in shadowy and ambiguous opportunities

were even little is know about owner, this by itself  (SCREEMS SCAMS) let alone to expect a support

from individuals they themselves don’t know what the hell they are doing!

If you are looking for support and help creating a business, this is not the place to set your rocking chair.

The Detailed Price

Basic Level  –  $49.95 per month

Includes a total of 34 PLR products.  not a single one is by them.  It was purchased from other companies for very cheap price only in the hundreds and now reselling it to you for $49.95 per month. These are outdated, low-end products and services and come with no supportive training and not scalable.

You can as well go to a land fill and expect to find even better than this old outdated hording.

Premier Level  –  $169.95 per month.

Just like the Basic membership, there is little substance to coaching .  It is another PLR content from the same hording pile.  The only catch is that it allow you to make more money if you can

manage any recruits in the first place.

My advice to you.  This program might be good for a lucky few who want money under all costs!  but if you are looking for a real ethical business

000$ to start 2 free websites and many more then this link worth your click

When getting into any “opportunity”, you need to determine what your goal is.  Is it just money, or are your looking to create an actual business through the processes of creating a business.  If you goal is just money “at any cost”, then this program may be for you.  even though unethical, there is  commission model there not to everyone!

This program is the worst of the worst.  It has little or no substance at all !    The only way to earn  is to get others to the membership, there is no other way to earn outside this.  You are selling “empty sacks” from one person to another.

If you are truly looking for a true ethical online opportunity that will cost you nothing to start then this link may worth your click.

My final impression about this is…..


Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below


Sam Ammouri


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