Little Secrets To Successful Website Conversions

Little Secrets To Successful Website Conversions

Little conversions with intrusive Monetizing!

In response to many of your emails about monetizing a new website and how hard you found it to be.  I visited some of your websites and saw a very common mistake, I have something to say that could help a lot of you out there and it here is the scope…store3

The Maine Goal Is To Make Money

The main goal here is to monetize your website so you can earn an income while giving the information that people want to read about right?  So, when you write an article about whatever you are providing your audience or readers make sure to include a solid clear detailed picture or pictures of the product, or enough detailed information on it.

while doing this keep in mind to always enable your reader the ability to link to that product by clicking on it,  which will take him/her through your website to the affiliate site of that product and hopefully for a purchase and eventually a lovely fat commission.

For Example:

I love Laptops and the deals today is outstanding, and the market is sizzling with super deals that won’t last for too long. So I would follow with something like…

I bought this outstanding laptop and couldn’t feel any better. The quality of this machine visually and quality wise is very pleasing and the lightweight is a plus. And Combined with such low price- it is something I wouldn’t want to miss. I got it for a steal at  and I think you will like it too.

Don’t exaggerate or inflate things

Don’t exaggerate or apply an intrusive style to sell, this will turn-off customers,  just look at it from your own point of view, do you like to be pressured into doing anything? and the same goes to everybody,  be natural, write simple but appealing  articles to get your message through and watch how the table will turn around.

Be responsive and answer your emails or calls in timely manner.

Be responsive and helpful,  don’t ignore their questions and answer them in timely manner, you must  look professional in your business to make money , not too many people would want to buy from immature unprofessional places and I’m sure you feel the same way, would you buy anything from any place that does not answer back your calls?

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



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