The Most Common Online dating Scams & How To Avoid Them


The Most Common Online dating Scams And How To Avoid Themdating

Question!  What would you do if you catch him in the act of the right image? LOL, just kidding, let’s get serious now!

Countless innocent people use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to socially engage with other people. And many succeed with a so badly wanted relationships. But scammers also use these dating sites to meet potential preys.

They fill in fake profiles and fill phony information, and eventually succeed in convincing unsuspected members to send money in the name of love. Manny even make wedding plans before disappearing with the money forever! Beware that any online love potential lover who asks for money is almost certainly a scammer.

Simple ways to Recognize a Scam Artist

If you notice any of the following then just block or shut that person off instantly.

  • He/she wants to leave the security of the dating site and ask you for your personal email or IM messages
  • He/she claims love in the first sight
  • He/she claims to be from the united states but has extensive business dealings and overseas travelling to do.
  • They serve in the military and are stationed overseas.
  • His/her promised visit to meet you, is hindered by a traumatic events

Here is what you can do to avoid this nonsense

Like someone said ” You may lose your heart, but not with your shirt too”. Never send money to…

  • travel expenses
  • most likely bogus medical emergencies expenses
  • hotel staying expenses
  • Hospital expenses for children or other family members
  • Expenses to cover visas or other embassy or consulate documents
  • Money to cover a temporary financial problem.

Other Important Tips:

Never send money to tide someone over after a robbery, neither should you do anyone a favor by making an online purchase or forwarding a package to other countries. Usually One thing  leads to another, then delays and disappointments will follow. At the end, the money will disappear along with the supposed love of your life. You can Report relationship scams to the federal trade commission and your attorney general office

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