Online Marketing Start Up Guide

The Ultimate Online Marketing Start-Up Guide

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Webinar Description

  •  Just getting started with online marketing?
  • May be Need a bit of guidance to iron out your direction?

Well, Join Jay (magistudios) will walk you through the essential steps for online marketing success. And this live training is ALSO PERFECT for those who seasoned veterans of online marketing.

How is that?

This guide will give you some guidance on how to teach others the steps to online marketing. A GREAT way to funnel them into WA.

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • Choosing a buyers niche (technical)
  • Finding a buyers keyword (technical)
  • Setting up your domain and website (technical)
  • Writing content that converts (theory)
  • Tracking progress (theory & technical)
  • Preparing your marketing mindset (theory)
  • Live Q & A Session

Hope you’ll enjoy the tutorial and please share and help others you care for

Sam Ammouri

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