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Top 9 ways to avoid online scams


Thousands of people get scammed at some point in their lives while seeking success online.  More than 91% of all people who bought a product associated with Internet marketing feel as though they have been “ripped off”.  That does not give the industry as a whole and something I can never tolerate or live with! And  this is the reason I’m here to provide you with an ethical costless opportunity of how to start online with zero money while uncovering some of the most disturbing scams ever to hit the internet. hoping you’ll join me today and never run into heartless scams again. There are some clever ways to determine if a product is a scam and I did base my reviews following these principles.

Top 9 Ways to discover scams before they happen

(1) A single Video Sales pitch.

 If you login a website and all you see is a video, run away as hard as you can.  in this situation the promoter lacks too many things to be ethical, there is no supportive content or any other form of knowing who the hell he is other than holding you down for may be 30 minutes trying his most to sell you every single junk he has to say.

(2) They’re Very hard to Contact.

If an establishment cannot offer you an easy way to contact , then they should never get your business. This is the ultimate a sign of things to come, believe me. And if they do have some form of contact but they don’t respond to you then you know their interest is getting your money not helping you.

(3) The 90 day nonsense money back Guarantee.

If you see this constantly emphasized the fact that there is a guarantee, chances are it could be a scam.  In particular if it is a 2 and 3 month guarantee, which typically means it’s most likely a click bank product that which means the product is likely to be a low grade one.scam3

(5) irresponsible Upsells practice

The most common scams online are low ticket initial sales   Once you make your initial purchase, you then get rocketed with upsells, down sells, horizontal and sideway sells and before you know it you have been offered $1,000′s of addition products you may need to buy to complete a program that could be a scam in the first place.  This is why I   at freewebsiteandbusiness .com tend to recommend something for you with the option to “try before you buy“.

(6) bogus Claims of Success. 

 Success overnight and make countless money on autopilot while you are sleeping is 100% scam just run…

(7) Promoted by another web master.

Of course, if a product is being flogged by a guru who even does not own it,  it is a possible scam.  The reason for the promotion is not because they don’t really believe in the product, its only a bait, rather they agree on and believe in… if you promote my product I promote yours.

(8) Suspicious Advertising methods.

If you see during the sale pitch a big mansion, and breathtaking lambourghinies and Ferarries, or someone sitting on paradise beach  chances are the product is an absolute scam.  Those that need to showboat like this  typically lacking the credibility of actual product quality

(9) The willingness to come down hard on a product price. 

Have you even been online in a sales pitch were you tried to get away but you couldn’t because they hijacked your page to lower the offer down, then when you try to click off but again they repeat the process of hijacking your page for another lower offer, and this laughable behavior continues till the product’s price goes down from hundreds to single dollars. This is a proof the product is worthless and what they are looking for here is getting you into the slaughterhouse and if you make that mistake and go along it’ll be something you may never forget.

If you see this pattern just run again harder than ever before, just make sure you have a healthy heart for running. lol. Hope you’ll keep this in mind and be safe when looking for an opportunity, Its not too hard.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below


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