What Is My PageRank In Google

What Is Google PageRank?



Did you ever wonder what page rank numbers from 1-9 stands for and what type of scale the hell is this? I do. I am curious on what scale my site is in terms of relevancy on the internet arena. And if I am a little puzzled, I would still like to know by how much and what it is all about anyway!
My search started with the Google Page Rank. One of the most common conclusion I hinted is that “no one knows for sure”, but for what it is worth  all agree the scale is from 1 to 10, and  a page may rank from zero, or nothing means you are not listed.
To get an idea of what the Google page rank is a website, download the Google toolbar
 and in the middle of the toolbar you’ll notice  a tiny little rectangle that you can hover
over to obtain the page rank for the website.
Okay now that you know your page rank, don’t you want to know what are the numbers 1-9 also for? Some of what I  read regarding how the contents on these websites are rated made sense and others didn’t. I guess that’s why most agree on one thing that this it is Google’s own invention. If you follow some of the facts it doesn’t really  match up with all collective websites, so just
do the best you can and provide meaningful content people want and care about.

So ranks in simple English

0)  Forget about your site! you are nowhere to be found!
1)  Extremely poor but you are listed, its better than nothing
2) Poor but you are about to move up, you got some potential here.
3) Average. You have good content and most websites fall in this category.
4) Above average. You are doing better than the majority.
5) Good Page Rank 5 will usually show up on the first search page
6) Great work here. You’ve worked hard and have real meaningful content.
7) You’re hot and you’re one of the top important sites.
9] Now you are unique, you are wanted: You tube, Yahoo, Facebook,
Apple, Amazon. e-bay.
One more thing I want you to do before leaving , Watch the video below and discover from the horse mouth how unimportant page ranks are!

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below


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