Avoiding Pinterest From Blocking You

Did Pinterest block you? Learn How To Avoid Such Future Mishaps

The common misconception is that Pinterest is limitless insofar as pinning, liking and following,  And just Like other social media as FaceBook, this is not true and you CAN get ousted from Pinterest if you are not within line, even if you intend no wrongs.  Pinterest is not as strict as some of the other media but it is approaching that. One of the worst offenses against Pinterest is spamming, and they are cracking down on that.

These are all ways you can very quickly get blocked by Pinterest, even if you are not intending spamming!

 All of these can be violations if you do them in a rapid succession! 

1.  Pinning Rapidly

One night in about 30 minutes I pinned 24 new pins onto four brand-new boards.  This might not have been so much of an issue if I wasn’t creating pins from more websites, When I went to pin my 25th, which would have deemed that lesson completed, instead of getting to see the pin, I saw the error message instead telling me I’ve hit a block!,  If you comment and include a link in your pins, it raises the likelihood that you will get blocked if you do this too rapidly.

2.  Rapidly Pinning Too Many Images from the Same Website

May be its the reason I got nabbed. So just take a note of it.

3.  Pinning the Same Content Over and Over again

I had a few images I used more than once.  I’m not sure if this got me, but just to note that Pinterest will block you if you reuse content too many times on your boards.  Best to do everything once and ONLY once.

4.  Making Likes Too Many Times Too Rapidly

If you go down the boards liking everything you see and do this very quickly, you will eventually be faced with the error message that you’ve been blocked.

5.  Following Too Many People in very short time

You Think this only happens with FaceBook?  Think again!  This might be another factor that will get you blocked.

6.  Using Link Shorteners

Don’t use apply on Pinterest.  I have never done this, but I think Pinterest rejects them anyway and won’t let you publish something with links shortened by Google, pretty-link and any of those other link shorteners.  If you try to use them too many times even though, you get the same results, know that you may eventually get something different in spite.  Don’t do it.

Hope this was of a help, please share and spread the message


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