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Using Images in Your Website Posts As Well As Your Own In Blog Comments

The online world is full of words. Millions of words flood the Internet. However it’s not the words that get all the attention it is usually the images, That/s why a picture worth a thousand words.avatar

You can get the entire scoop of something that you’re about to read just passing the preview image. That’s why it’s so important to use images in your blog posts as well as your own images for blog comments and other necessary corners of your website.

You can’t simply write forever!. It’s always good to have nice visuals to go along with the topics you’re addressing. Try to always go after the high-impact images that can get the most attention.

Images for yourself and in your blog posts are one of the most important choices you can make to help promote that post. Images can be found everywhere in social media.

Some studies confirmed the fact that If you don’t use images in your blog post, your chances of getting that post read go down to about %50!

Just look at Facebook for example,  and the posts that go in your timeline. There are always preview images that go along with those posts. Those interesting and eye-catching images are what get your attention and turned your head towards the title.

In this contributed video, you’ll learn how to make an Avatar image of yourself and use it for your blog comments and wherever your email address you’ll use shows.

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