Generate Passive Income Smartly

How To Smartly Generate Passive Income

It is very surprising to learn that one of the major differences between  millionaires and non-millionaires is that millionaires know how to generate passive income. They realized globthat the way to building lifetime wealth comes by learning how to generate passive income. Active Income Such as work  for an employer or own business employment. Basically it is anything you do to exchange your time for money.

The Portfolio Income: 

That is your money invested for interest, income, or capital gains.  Your investment portfolio could include rental real estate properties, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and so on…

Passive Income:

This is your genius idea at work ( by incorporating mediums like a website, an eBook, a digital product, an affiliate program, a franchise, and so on. Passive income can also include gains received from certain partnerships, investment in oil wells as well as gains from intellectual property rights like books and media productions.

Smart Passive Income

Passive income is a sure way to wealth if done the right way.  So what is “smart passive income”?

passive income is anything you create and market and then affiliate it to generate effortless money for a long time to come. It could include producing and promoting an eBook or a training program.  Basically, creating any kind of “How to” programs that can be marketed in any media you money

The popular Digital products are examples of smart passive income. Digital products include videos, audio files, recorded interviews, mobile device applications and pod casts. Many digital products are marketed through e-Commerce sites like Amazon, Click Bank and Commission Junction, linkshare and many more.

How to Build Passive Income

1. You can become an investor in rental real estate and hire property mangers to collect rents.

2. You can develop your own products to market through digital market associate like Amazon, Ebay and sharesale.

3. You can become an affiliate for multiple product and service providers companies.

If  serious about building online passive income, the first thing you need do is get yourself  a website. Think of your website as the launching pad. Whether you are a property owner, a merchant or an affiliate.

You must have a website to be able to function. Your website is in essence becomes your online store.  It is the library that contains the information you provide to the visitors of your website.

On your website the content is organized into Pages and Posts both of which can be used to promote products and services. These products can be either your own or an affiliate ones.

A unique way to build a passive income stream is to write themed articles, blogs or dedicate pages to the review and promotion of a product or service  then get paid a commission from the product owner.  This is what affiliate marketing is all about. commissions may vary from one vendor to another and could be between 3%to 70%. And When choosing, do not be blinded by the amount of the commission.success6

Profiting from Online Passive Income

Always Remember, your purpose for having your own online business is to sell products and/or services for a profit. Keep in mind, having your own online web-based business does not guarantee you anything. It’s success depends on your approach to conduct business.

To profit from an online business venture you need also to think about ways to diversify your income streams. Such as adding your own niche in life, some products to sell and ship your own to customers or come up with some of your own ideas. Don’t leave all the work for others,  others may not care about your business as much as you do, as long as they get paid, its all they care about.


Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.


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