Reasons Why Your Website Is failing

Why is my website failing me?


One of the first things I focus on any business is their website. Why? Because the website is one of the most crucial parts of your online marketing success. All avenues should lead to your website – where you can influence, provide value and get leads into your database so you can start to build a real relationship with your audience.

Manny times did I meet these amazing entrepreneurs that have the most amazing gifts to share, but they are falling short as their site is failing. Here is very important reasons why your small business website is failing. I hope these tips help you reverse courses!

1. Your site looks too old.

A well-presented brand & design will give your business more credibility than you think. An outdated and poorly done design can actually do a lot of harm to your business’s reputation. Finding a good design at an affordable price is much easier than many think.

2. Your site is missing a real life picture of you.

In here, You are your brand. When people pay to work with you or buy your products, it’s because they trust you. Never hide behind your logo. You’ll earn a hundred times more trust having a picture of yourself on your website. Take it to another level and create a short and sweet welcome video if you can.

3. You may have scared your visitors in the first 3 seconds.

DON’T have an automatic video or music playing on your site! Many people are browsing in public places or are using their mobile phone and the last thing they want is to suddenly have a blaring voice coming from their computer. Video & music are great, as long as they are there with the option to control play.

4. Your website is messy.

Lots of options and distractions will effect your sales and bounce rate (how fast someone leaves your site).

Take off all those affiliate links or advertisements to other programs. Have a clean home page that gives the visitor 3 options. This tip alone is worth thousands. Million dollar marketers know that the power of action is in three’s.

5. Your call to action is hidden on the bottom of your website, or you don’t have one at all!!

A small percentage of visitors will buy from you on their first visit. So how do you get to know them and stay top of mind so you can make that sale on the 4th or 5th contact?

It’s by getting them on your newsletter. The best way to do that is to give them a valuable gift, a free resource that earns their trust and positions you as an expert. You want this call to action above the fold on your website, meaning they can see it without scrolling down. If you’re missing this all together, you are leaving thousands, literally thousands of dollars behind.

6. You have no updated content on your website.

None of us would like to read outdated material especially if it is about something that needs frequent updates.

7. You have no clear way for your services to be marketed

May be your shopping cart is broken or you have no links or call to action to apply for your service. People need to be told what and how to do it. Always include the exact steps someone needs to take when working together.

8. No one can find your site!

There is  so many beautiful websites but unless you have the exact URL, you can’t find that thing, Get your business registered on Google Maps, Yelp, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and more. There are so many  free directories to help with your website visibility and SEO.

Hope this will help you a little


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