How Important Is RSS Feed To Your Blog/ Website?

Anyone Is Still Using RSS Feeds On Their Blogs?

Is RSS feed That Important To Your Blog/Site?

RSS feed stands for “real simple syndication”, and just like newspapers serve up daily or weekly rsssyndicated columns or comics, RSS syndicates your content for distribution to whoever is interested in “subscribing” to your blog/ website’s feed.

How Does RSS Feed Works?

Let’s say you periodically visit a particular section of this site to learn about general web-related information. If updates are not as frequent, you may be less inclined to visit the site over time, but you also might be disappointed if you miss a string of publishes made during a period you hadn’t found time to visit.

So far I’ve never used them, I wouldn’t even know how to use it properly. I though they were outdated, but now I’m starting to wonder if I’m losing potential traffic here!

And Now that Google no longer has its feed, there up and coming groups who are trying to build up feed lists. It will be some time before we see if it actually sorts itself out and people start using them again.

As I mentioned above I don’t really use RSS feeds, have never really leveraged them. Some people definitely do, but RSS is becoming less used by the year and I think at some point will become almost completely no existing.

Shall I disregard This?

Yes. I would suggest that you totally disregard this as this is not worth getting caught up in. It is good to understand them and learn about them, but don’t over-invest in some sort of RSS feed strategy.Based on a survey done in 2012 (By, around 8% of people are using RSS feeds. I imagine this number has only moved lower since then (just to put things into perspective).

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