The Smartest Ways To Search Engine Ranking

The Smartest Ways To Search Engine Ranking- Get The First Page!

What would you be thinking when you create content online? Isn’t it to get ranked or isn’t it to get ranked within the top page in Google?   And if this does happen, how much traffic will I get if I rank #1 in Google… Then what about #2 or #3 or 4 and 5?ppc2

Today I am walking you through some of these numbers and also help you decide what your “content” agenda should be if you want to capture those top rankings and how you should approach SEO if you want to get the most traffic out of it as possible.

Now, let’s break down some of the numbers…

Let’s see the Percentage of Google Traffic Makes it Beyond the 1st Page?

The reason we are creating good content for Google is to get good rankings right?  If you understand how to create content properly for search engines and the correct type of keywords to focus on within that content,  actually this shouldn’t be that hard.

Look at this chart (based on Chitika data) breaking down the click-through percentages (by Page) in Google.



As you can see getting ranked on the top page in Google is a big deal.  In fact, 91.5% of all Google searches END on the first page, less than 8.5 percent navigate beyond this page.

If you land on the 2nd page you are going to bruch less than 1/20th of the traffic you may expect from a first page listing.  Only 1 out of every 1,000 searches leads to someone clicking through the 7th page.

What do you fathom from this?  Its not hard to know what you think when you see these sorts of numbers.  you want a 1st page ranking in Google if you’re going to be creating content.   But, ideally you want to also be within the top 3 searches and I am going to explain why…

Top 3 Positions in Google By Numbers

Our goal as a search engine marketers should be to get rankings on the 1st page of Google, but sometimes that is not enough to realize a decent amount of traffic.   The top 3 positions in Google get over 60% of all the click-through  (on average) and the remaining 40% are divided between the remaining 6 results (and all of the other pages).

This graph below is a break down to what sort of “expectations” you can have within any given position on the first page of Google.


You can easily notice, the Top 3 positions get 61% of ALL search traffic.     Here is a break down to the search positions:

*Position #1: 32% *Position #2: 17% *Position #3: 11%

And getting to position 5, the traffic numbers really start to drop, dipping below the 5% level.

In another scenario, if you were targeting a search term that got 100 searches per day and you held the #1 ranking in Google, you could expect 32.5 click-through to your website….and depending on the title of your search result, this number can fluctuate either up or down.

 What does this mean to you and to your web business?

Lets assume you don’t understand how search engines algorithms work and how to get rankings in Google, then you are not going to be getting much traffic.  No traffic means no opportunity to produce revenue from your websites, so this is a critical issue.

(1) You need to learn how to get #1 rankings in Google.  I recommend to you that you get some good SEO training and you learn how to properly construct your websites in a way that lead to getting ranked in Google and other search engines.

(2) You need also to learn how to capture lower competition keywords.
Keywords are the center of the universe for a marketer and if you don’t have access to A keywords buster, then you are going to be out of luck.

(3) You also need to always be updated with search engine developments.  Far too many people get “burned” by Google Panda and Penguin updates  because they are not ahead of the curve.  If you are still incorporating “backlinks”, you think PLR is a great idea, or you are spinning contents, I am speaking directly to you here.   If you understand why Google ranks content and what they are looking for, you are going to be “residing” in the top 3 positions.

So don’t forget, your goal as a marketer is the top 3 positions in Google…with #1 being the true goal. Don’t think that all rankings on the 1st page are the same, because plain and simple there are  lots of differences.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



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