Self Confidence Is The Key To All Success

Self Confidence Is The Key To All Success

Personally I believe the greatest gift a human being can possess is Self-confidence. A few lucky souls are born with it. While Many of us just acquire it. Why is it so important and well worth the effort to have it?

Assurance, or the lack of it shows itself in your bearing,  the tone of voice, to the look in your eyes; it’s evident in your every gesture and in your every mannerism. Just Feel like a loser and you’ll look like one; in fact you’ll be a loser. Or it could be the other way around.LIONFREE

But How can you acquire that confidence you so desperately need? The first step toward self-assurance is…

Knowing yourself

Some self- knowledge can make the difference between confusion and understanding, and that can make a big difference between success and failure in almost anything you do.

You are the one to hold that key to your success as an entrepreneur or marketer or whatever you are in. It’s how you feel and think that will decide your development or growth. Keep in mind that all development is self-development first.

The way we are makes the world interesting

Naturally, We born a little afraid of ourselves. We are afraid to face the fact that we’re not exactly like everybody else. But hey, let’s be realistic and face it . You are not somebody else and or anybody else. You are you. That makes you unique and special. But special does not mean different. You are unique but not strange, this is what makes the world interesting.

The fact that you enjoy watching movie alone in the theater while you friend cannot go out by herself without company doesn’t make you weird, neither  your friend.

May be You can sing but your friend is out of tune, but with great painting ability. No, you’re not just like anybody else. You’re individual, with individual tastes and talents, I guess mother nature has a balance for everything.

How about Faults?

Of course you have plenty of them. Just be brave and courageous. Look your faults straight in the eye,To be sure that you do, get a piece of paper and a pencil make a list of these demons. Then balance it against your more positive qualities. Only you are aware of all your shortcomings big and small. So write them down and study them with yourself in black and white. Just you and that piece of paper. Since you can’t escape yourself, might as well get acquainted with yourself one more time.

Don’t spend your time trying to ignore yourself. Because the truth is you won’t go away. So get to know yourself and you will even begin to>>>>

Get a little fond of and Like yourself

If confidence is our most valuable asset, self-hate is our most destructive enemy. In many occasions We tend to be hard on ourselves. We can overlook the faults of others, why must you dwell on your own? The most kind and forgiving among us can be cruel with himself, forever demanding perfection. Despite of your demons you listed before, you deserve compassion and understanding from yourself and others.

Stop tormenting yourself with guilt over your past mistakes, Learn how to forgive yourself and forget. And give yourself a round of applause when you do something right for once.

We can never be happy with ourselves at all times, But cannot downgrade ourselves endlessly

You’ll never be completely happy with yourself, and that is healthy, But, it’s unhealthy to constantly downgrade yourself endlessly.

Stop negatively analyzing yourself, Nobody’s really going to notice imperfections in your appearance; I’m pretty sure they are too busy worrying about their own. Extra and Excessive vanity makes you unreasonably tough with yourself. You’re okay. May be Not Perfect. But okay. Try to understand yourself a little better? And like yourself a little more.

Now try to be yourself

Who can say Charm is not magic, an elusive and delightful quality. Le’s try to pin it down. Charm is genuine interest in other people. It is pleasant, proper and polite behavior. Charm is thoughtful and sincere and not afraid to compliment. It knows its place and manners. Charms treat everyone else the same courtesy.

A pleasant Charm doesn’t cost a dime, but it’s worth a million dollars and you’ve have it. Why hide suchconf2 gift . Let it shine, show the real you, the charming and magnetizing you. There is one quality, however, that cannot be learned, one trait that can be acquire. It is not genius. It’s character.

Your Sense of humor

Franklin D. Roosevelt  said ” There is nothing to fear but fear itself” How true is that! We are so terrified with our own fears, and fears can cripple a mountain. Fear of failure is paralyzing and yet we all fail; we fail because we are human, we are blessed with a remarkable defense against failure. That defense is your sense of humor.

In real life you will ask stupid questions, you will make mistakes, and lots of them. You will say a dumb thing; you’ll sometimes appear foolish and you feel like kicking yourself …so kick yourself. Then, for the fun of it, sit back, think how ridiculous you look and LAUGH OUT AS LOUD AS YOU CAN!

Self-pity can be as destructive as self-hate and it won’t bring you anywhere. Lots of time that old funny bone is pretty hard to find. Look for it. Give it a tickle and once the giggles start, your self-confidence will rush back in a stream.

Remember the old saying…  ( Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you’ll weep alone ).

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



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