How Important Is Title Tags – Pipes, Hyphens, Commas or Underscores

How Important  Is Title Tags – Pipes, Hyphens, Commas or Underscores To SEO

Is it that important to Use a Pipe or Dash in Page Titles?

Lets start with the pipe ( | ).bowl

The pipe a search engine operator that tells the search algorithms – the phrases on either side are it are of equal importance.

As a string of words in a tag are evaluated, the first word inherits the highest weight, the last word the lowest and the steps are determined by how many words are in the string.

The pipe importance here is that it makes the first word after it the same weight as the first word.

The hyphen ( – )  Good to use.

The hyphen connects the words in a title

The underscore ( _ )  Avoid It.

The underscore separates words in a title, Some experts suggest that underscores stop engines from reading the entire title. Therefore, I do recommend Avoid using the underscore.

The Comma ( , ).  Using hyphens in tags is better

The comma separates phrases but does not restart the weighting process so words following a comma are not considered that important.

The Use of ( “&” vs “and”)

the later will only have weight if the user search all the all the words before and after “and”. I recommend using the full “and”.

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