Setting Up FeedBurner Feed To Report My Feed Clicks In My Google Analytics

Setting Up FeedBurner Feed To Report My Feed Clicks In My Google Analytics

When you open a Google Analytics account and set it up to track your website visitors, you can watch feed clicks originating from your FeedBurner feed by activating an option on the Analyze tab.

When people start clicking your feed items and ends up back on your website, Google Analytics will track that activity and include it in the “Traffic Sources” section of your account.usage

How And Where can I see traffic from feed clicks?

All traffic from feed item clicks will be included under “All Traffic Sources” and “Campaigns.” On these pages, use the search box below the data table to show only traffic sources containing “feed”, this will give you a starting point for exploring feed item clicks in your Google Analytics account.

By default, it is recommended to selec “Ad Content” from the segment drop down in the traffic source data table. This will show you traffic from your FeedBurner feed segmented by specific feed readers or email clients.

This illustration below is by Google:

google anal

Also,  Feed item clicks are made available to the Advanced Segment builder in Google Analytics. Select “Campaign,” “Ad Content”, “Source” or “Medium” as dimensions then filter based on your feed URL or other traffic behavior.

When and if you customize how your feed click traffic shows up in Google Analytics (see below), your data may not appear as mentioned.

Tracking feed clicks in Google Analytics?

1. log on to your FeedBurner account,

2. Navigate to the Analyze tab for your feed and select “Configure Stats.”

3. If item link click tracking is unchecked, you will need to check that option as it is required for tracking feed clicks in Google Analytics.

4.  activate “Track clicks as a traffic source in Google Analytics” and click [Save].

See illustration below


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