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There is only one king to a jungle

There is only one king of a jungle  and Amazon is the ultimate king of online shopping

and part of the evolvement of our recent internet!

Surviving The year 2000 stock market crash

During the 90′s and as the internet started to evolve giving millions the hope into future

otherwise they could never have contemplated before, countless people joined this new

phenomenal “unheard of before” online venture. some have a little experience but

most have nothing.

A bubble was growing

By the end of the 1990′s an internet bubble was growing, too many

unqualified millionaires were made. companies earning were too inflated and very

unrealistic. some companies like Ariba worth in real life $11 millions but under the

Inflated rates of that pre stock market crash era worth billions.

The crash

Finally the inevitable came and in 2000 the stock market crashed very

painfully eliminating trillions of dollars and causing havoc to the

internet and all other ventures ruining the lives of countless people.

everyone was hammered even Yahoo stock that was at $440 per share ended at $7.

thousands of other small online businesses vanished. never to bee seen again!

Amazon stood like  A giant

Only the lions survived the onslaught and Amazon stood up to this hell

like no one else!

That of course was not from nothing!

I remember when asked – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said its our unmatchable

customer service that enabled us to withstand the onslaught!

Now you can imagine how important customer service is! you should put it

ahead the most important and if you ignore you may loose it all.

I still have tremendous respect for this company

I do have a lot of respect for this company and gave them most my

business, its a mutual feeling, ” you respect me I’ll give you my business”!

So if you really like to be treated with respect while shopping then

deal with king of products and respect and the lion of the internet (Amazon!)

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