Shall I Include My Photo On My Website?

Shall I Include My Photo On My Website?

The biggest reason I loved starting a business online was it meant I could be totally anonymous and didn’t have to talk to people face to face. If you’ve read my site-– you monkeywould think I’m a social butterfly. But I’m actually more of a hermit and I’d prefer to be by myself most of the time or don’t I?.

So, I really struggled with the choice of adding my picture right on the front of my site rather than burying it in the about us page as many would have done.

Is it Scaredy Cat or what?

So what was holding me back? I had many rational and irrational fears and insecurities. Some were probably valid and others were not. But let me share them with you to see if they sound familiar somehow.

  1. Lets Suppose I piss someone off and now they know what I look like and will try to come and “see” me. Wow!!!

  3. How about if I become famous and now I can’t walk down the street without folks requesting a work at home job? LOL ha ha ha…

  4. What if I’m just shy and just want to stay incognito forever!

  5. What if this move is not professional or necessary for my niche or topic.

 So… What Really Happened!

1000sBut despite all these fears, I decided to push forward and put my picture out there.

So what really went down?

Luckily for me most of this stuff I feared never came to pass. I’ve had a few negative comments here and there but it’s been handful vs the so many other positive comments I’ve received.

Plus- I was featured on some big sites but fortunately it didn’t make me a rock star and I could walk down the street unknown, I’m still a stranger in the bus LOL- I’ve pissed many people off and continue to do so. But most people tend to be fake internet thugs and prefer to spit their venom via emails or on site comments.

But I’m still shy and would prefer to stay low profile. But once I did put pictures of myself and my family out there, some unexpected good things started to happened. My following and income is in the rise;

It is a trust Issues…

So What happened?  why did my income and following increase?  I really believe it was because I was no longer some anonymous or mythical site  blogger. (No doubt, some people really believed that I don’t  even exist. LOL) There are tons of blogs and sites out there and most of them are non-descript and you don’t really know who’s even writing them!. They can be big corporations, spammers, marketers and so on…

But how can you trust and build a relationship with someone you don’t know or can’t see? And Granted a picture on it’s own doesn’t make people know you. But as they couple your picture with your great content, people do feel like they can connect with you in a better way.

I can’t tell you how many times people have told me they feel like we’re good pals because of what they’ve read on my site. Because of this they trusted me more and that’s the reason they would always sign up for things I recommended to them.

And I also think subconsciously it’s because they could see pictures of me and my family as well via my site and social media. They could really connect with me as a human being rather than just an affiliate trying to make money randomly.

Now Just Do It!

And now my suggestion is to get over your fears! Unless you’re in the witness protection program or have a reason to hide, share an image of yourself! It may actually help you make more money and build a better following as it has for me and many others.

Your thoughts? Have you shared the same fears? If not what’s your reason for not having your picture on your site? let me know below!

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



Sam Ammouri

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