Simple Trick To Simplify Adding Banners And Other HTML Codes To Pages & Posts

Simple Trick To Simplify Adding Banners And Other HTML Codes To Pages & Posts

HTML Codes and Affiliate banners codes need to be added to a post or page in text mode (HTML editing mode) otherwise they won’t work.

But quite often when you switch from visual mode to text mode to add TRAIN4codes your well written article suddenly looks like it’s changed into a cyber space language! (HTML).

Now we all know that Knowing exactly where to place the code  can become a real nightmare! And this is what my article is all about, to show you the trick to eliminate this saga.

Are you ready?

While in visual mode place a few (X’s) exactly where you want your code to show up in the page/post like this: xxxxxx Then when you switch to text mode all you have to do is find the (x’s) which is now very easy to spot and replace them with the code.

Then follow the norm click publish or update and you done. Using this method also enables you to align the (x’s)  left, right or center before you change them for the code depending on where you want the banner or code to sit which saves a lot of work trying to align the banner or code up afterwards.

Now look below at the snippet of this above paragraph in text (HTML) Mode. See how easy it is to spot the marking (x’s).




Quite often you may not be able to see the banner or the image of the code you place when you switch back to visual mode,  or it may just shows up as a grey or yellow box,  all depends on the company who published the code or banner and their aim. You may want to click “view page” to see the image of the codes.

Hope this was of great help to you.


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