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 Welcome to this complete course on how to make movies and screencasts for your websites, blogs and YouTube using “Screen-Flow” Software.

All the movies produced here whether they be for this course or any other, are all produced in High Definition. If you want a “Full Screen” experience while watching these movies, simply click the full screen icon at the bottom right hand corner of every movie panel then click on the HD icon.

Try to Be patient while the movies download onto your computer.

Due to the fact all the movies made for this course and others are in HD, depending on your internet speed you may need to be a little patient while they download and get started. If you experience stoppages and pauses in the movie, simply click on the “Pause” button and allow the movie time to download a bit before pressing “Play” again. You’ll see the download (grey) bar progressing.

I really hope you enjoy this course and thanks for your interest.

Introduction Video

Click here to watch all 18 lessons…

  • Lesson # 1:  How To Use ScreenFlow Software – Introduction
  • Lesson # 2:  Locating & Installing The ScreenFlow Software
  • Lesson # 3:  Setting Up Your Audio And Preferences
  • Lesson # 4:  Overcome A Possible Error After Exporting
  • Lesson # 5:  Getting Started – Making A Screencast Recording
  • Lesson # 6:  Some Basic Functions To Learn Before Editing
  • Lesson # 7:  Editing Your Video Properties
  • Lesson # 8:  Make A Small Video Box So People See You.
  • Lesson # 9:  How To Edit And Enhance Your Audio Tracks
  • Lesson # 10:  Increase Your Cursor Size With Screen Recording Properties
  • Lesson # 11:  Adding Callouts To Zoom In On Mouse Actions
  • Lesson # 12:  How To Add Annotations To Your Movie Clips
  • Lesson # 13:  Adding Text Boxes And Titles To Your Movies
  • Lesson # 14:  Adding Music, Video Clips And Photos
  • Lesson # 15:  Using “Magic GarageBand” To Create Music
  • Lesson # 16:  Adding Transitions To Video & Audio Clips
  • Lesson 17:  Add Music To The Start & End Of Movies
  • Lesson # 18:  Exporting Your Movie After Complete

Windows users please note…

Up to making this course, ScreenFlow software is unavailable for Windows operating systems. Therefore, this course is provided for people who have Macintosh computers.If you have a Mac and you’ve ever wondered how to make high quality videos in HD for your internet marketing, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive (18 lesson) course you’ll be taught how to use the software called ScreenFlow and you’ll be shown how to use the software.

Learn how to post your movies on your websites, blogs, YouTube and more…

Using ScreenFlow, you’ll be show click by click in real time how to use the program to create videos which you can post to your websites and blogs. You’ll also learn how to post your movies to YouTube to help drive traffic to your blogs and websites.

Create your very own music to use as backing tracks…

This video tutorial will also show you how to create music tracks really easily with no music experience required so you can use your masterpieces as backing tracks on your videos with no risk of Copyright infringements.

Hope this complete tutorial was helpful and please share if you think this may also help others you care for


Sincerely yours

Sam Ammouri

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