Success Always Comes With Patience

Success Always Comes With Patience

The majority of People Quit Just Prior to Success

One thing that I have seen as a common trait with failure over the years and that is those who are looking for success in 30 days.  They come, they go, they are onto the next “thing”.  This is a continuous  cycle and these types of “transient opportunity seekers” tend to have an ongoing battle trying to achieve success   in the online world.

It is a constant battle looking for that INSTANT prize.

What if you give yourself a year to accomplish success instead of a month or two…or sometimes even a week?
I can say to you things would be much different.  I can tell you this, because I am speaking on behalf of my own PERSONAL luck.

It took very frustrating months…Before….well, anything.  Not even a dime or a trace of money!

It took me into my 6TH month online before I made anything.  This was after of 4 months working tirelessly 20 hours daily at my business.  By month 6 I had made some, by the year mark things seem to be really kicking along. It took time for me and it will take time for you, but success will eventually happen.

Give yourself time you will succeed

The ones that dedicate ENOUGH TIME to this, are those that will see success. In hindsight, if I quit a month or two into this business, I would never have achieved success.  This is very sad, but it is the reality. I would have jumped around from “opportunity” to “opportunity”. But Instead, I gave myself time.  I nurtured my business and I treated things like building a website, creating a new page/post, helping people within my given niche, and creating promotions This is the right way to achieving success….

The money part always follows.  You just have to give yourself some patience and time.


Sam Ammouri

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