The Average Bounce Rate By Device Type

The Average Bounce Rate When Using Multiple Devices

There is a big deference in the speed when downloading from a website using deferent devices. The downloading speed of a page using a desktop is totally different from the speed of the same page from the same website using a smart phone or any other device even a laptop.bounce rate

Sometimes, I wonder if even Google has it right in Google analytics. “May be I’m wrong”  but I haven’t seen analytics by Google that is related to the exact individual device being used, you only get a general bounce rate reading without knowing which device this bounce rate figure is related to.

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Here is a chart that shows the average bounce rate when using multiple devices for downloading.

bounce rate

 What is a good/average bounce rate?

It all depends.  The average website bounce rate is 40% (source: Google).  But this is a complete nonsense to me, because what constitutes a good bounce rate varies by:

  • brands credibility
  • industry
  • type of sites
  • type of pages
  • step in the funnel (where the page is in the site)
  • stage of the customer lifecycle
  • users intent
  • Plus many other potential factors- your imagination id the limit.


Google Analytics Bounce Rate For…

  • 30-50%  for Lead generation sites
  • 40-60%  for Content websites
  • 70-98%  for Blogs
  • 20-40%  for Retail sites
  • 10-30%  for Service sites
  • 70-90%  for Landing pages

There are many things you can do to reduce bounce rate,  the less the bounce rate the better the results.


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