The Core Strategies & Principles of Building a Successful Business Online

What Are The Core Principles & Strategies Of Building A Successful Business Online

‘Success’ is more about doing the things you know, rather than discovering the secrets you don’t yet know.GROW

The Acorns grow into oak trees – but it takes them a long time to do so. They have to face up to all sorts of weather year after year – but they still continue to grow. Your online business should be likened to this tiny acorn.

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“Don’t wait until you know who you are to get started. The way you figure yourself out is by making things.”


Austin Kleon

There is no doubt in my mind that Getting started can be daunting and confusing at first, but it really confusedoesn’t have to be. Try to Galvanize your thoughts and just take a step at a time. Get to grips and deal with the negative excuses, such as…

  • no history of sticking at projects
  • no experience
  • no time
  • perfectionism
  • no skills
  • no money
  • no community network
  • no obvious passions
  • fear

Once you start, your excuses will dissolve and your fear will erode.  And Inaction will plant seeds of doubt and fear,  whereas action breeds courage and confidence.

“If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it.
Go out and get busy.”


Dale Carnegie

I’m very confident that your initial start will open the doors of opportunity and self discovery. Ideas will start to come by, passions will grow and a sense of discipline will develop. This all comes down to just ‘starting‘ your online endeavor.

While You may not realize it, but your next big thing might just be that little thing in front of you right now! It’s all about taking action and seizing moments, making things happen – We all know things don’t happen by sheer luck!

Readers Comes First

May be you’ll agree with me that Starting is merely a mindset, not just a moment in time to be ticked off on a whiteboard or jotter pad. Yes. There are a few vital questions you need to ask yourself as you plan your business…

Who are my readers? And What are their…

  • problems
  • needs
  • desires
  • loves
  • hates
  • goals
  • fears
  • challenges
  • passions
  • dreams
  • habits

Try to Gain clarity about the change you want to see in them. If they find little or no reason to remain on your website, why should they? By identifying and addressing what you reader need, you are well on the road to getting unique traffic to your site.

Also remember – a post has maximum impact when people are left different as a result of reading it.

Try to always keep in mind the following three…

  • Who are your readers?
  • What do they need?
  • How will they change?

Just like a visit to a restaurant, you want to be presented with the best on the menu, so serve your readers with the best you can come up with… entertainment,  information, advice, training, news, community, inspiration, education, support,  and many  more…

Try not to be tempted and swayed by attractive tidbits on the side like:

  • changing strategy
  • acquiring traffic
  • false profile
  • aiming for profit
  • unrelated content
  • egotistical stuff

This might quickly divert you away from your core principles.

Usefulness Is A Real King

You’ll want to become a TERRFIC  problem RESOLVER, so jump right in and do just that. People need and want to find solutions.

Isn’t that what Google and the other search engines thrive on?

It would be the smartest move on your part to build a problem spotting’ into your daily workflow. Joining community forums is a wise move to research relevant problems within your niche.

When you find these, you can then offer your solutions, so next you have to (build problem ‘solving’ into your workflow). Then,  Usefulness becomes the ‘Change‘ you can bring to your reader.

Try To Build A Cultural Following

Cultures and tribes need leadership. As you become authoritative in your niche, you will assume the role accordingly. Own your niche so you can teach others about it and be good at it.

Write regularly so that your readers await your information. Successful blogs are built on many little useful actions, so don’t expect every blog to be a blockbuster.

No doubt that Shared experiences invigorate cultures, while story telling is the backbone of our evolutionary existence. We always learn from the past and must not be frightened to change.

Create Meaning And Real Sense

Make sure to avoid the following…

  1. The sameness of copy- Always be unique
  2. The emptiness in the ‘like, share wisely
  3. The disconnection between stories

Take your readers on a journey by creating opportunities that will have a lasting impact on them. A sense of meaning leads to trust, authority and legitimacy.

Importance of Persistence

Building an online business does take time and dedication.  There’s no hurry, take your time and be persistefficient.

Blogging perfection does not happen on day one, it takes time as the accumulation of value is created.

It’s the small posts and pages that help to make the website an effective entity.

Be an author…
Become an authority

Why not Take pride in the creativity of your website NOW, remember these principles, and soon your blog could become unique.

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