The Elusive Secrets of Making internet Money

Can We Finally Unlock This Very Elusive Secret?

By Sam Ammouri

October- 29- 2014


Today,  I am going to outline my four secrets of how to make money with Your computer, laptop, tablet and even mobile phones!money10

I  spent a great deal of time looking into the basic aspects of making money with a computer, as have millions of other computer users before me.

As times start getting too difficult, the job market is too poor, or perhaps you have even lost your job, Try not to give up or give in at looking at this alternative way of earning an income! You have a terrific opportunity open to you, And that is the online money.

By now, almost everyone has enough required skills to be able to earn an income online. But, the first mistake many new marketers would make is they expect too much, too quickly with regards to search engine rankings, traffic to the website and money.

Who can say that Greed is not inherent in society?, most of us want to better ourselves and improve our living standards, why not indeed?

You need to know the answers to these four questions

  1. Do you really know how create your online business and where to start?
  2. Do you know where to look for the best advice and training?
  3. Do you know how to avoid being ripped-off by the never-ending scams and pitfalls that prevail?
  4. Do you really have the desire to succeed? It will take time and does require effort on your behalf.

If you have answered yes to all the 4 questions above, then you’ll have no problem in moving forward with your online wishes.

However, if you are less sure of yourself and had a few NO’s , then you might need help in moving forward. I can provide this assistance for you and enable you to get your online business setup – join me inside Wealthy Affiliate to take advantage of this support.

You will also find load of useful information right here on website.

I sincerely want to dispel the myth and eliminate any negativity you might have about making money online.

The Money Myth Destruction

Countless people expect to be able to earn money online without doing a thing! They arrive at ‘get rich quick‘ sites to be told that making money is so easy, and all they have to do is to click a link here and join a program there – To become rich!  “We’ve all done it didn’t we?”,  but have we learned from our mistakes? Usually the answer is no, I’m afraid – hope someone did.

Now, let’s demystify this puzzling myth

A. Get Rich Quickmyth1

Easy money making is difficult if not nearly impossible! Just like we all know If you are faced with anything that sounds too good to be true, then it almost certainly is!

When will we ever learn that NO ONE is going to put money in our pocket for nothing, and I mean NO ONE, not even that friendly sounding, smooth-talking so-called guru you may have come across at some point!

B. Do Gurus Know it All?

Absolutely not! They are just ordinary guys like you and me who are very clever at creating a way, usually with smart lengthy, well-produced videos – to vaporize the cash out of our wallets.

Usually, these guys appear as well-dressed people surrounded in wealth; they ooze and schmooze in their promotional videos –  they’re sly! Therefore, why do we put our trust in them so eagerly? I guess Because they are offering us instant wealth. Isn’t that what we’re looking for? Of course it is – but the only ‘instant wealth’ that is being created here is with the gurus themselves, not us buddy!

Secrets Of Making Money – 4 Key Steps

Step 1 – Revenue Minus Cost Equals Profit

Try your best to Remember this one simple formula of how to make money:
Revenue – (sales or gross income) minus costs – (expenses) = profit.

When trying to make money, the two factors that you will always have to work towards are:invesy

  1. Increasing sales
  2. Reducing expenses.

Even though It sounds basic, but I want you to address both of these effectively and your business has a greater chance of being successful. There will be certain tradeoffs, such as working long hours that can impose on your quality of life, I guess nothing good comes without some price.

If you invest your time properly now, it’ll pay dividends later, how often have you heard that say before? But, it’s so true. If you put in the work, you will be rewarded, and especially if it’s solely yours.

This doesn’t mean that you have to totally sacrifice your private life, just work efficiently around it! And I mean efficiently with all what this means. Without a positive mindset or the influence of procrastination, you can make it work. It’s all about desire and execution.

I do promise you it is so much easier to achieve goals when you have an incentive. To Work for yourself is what we all long for, the hours may be long and sometimes hard, but YOU are the beneficiary! Isn’t that really worth it? To Be your own employer?

Look at those who try to earn extra money through education, like lawyers and doctors. But they will have to invest years of study time and tons of money into their venture.

It’s no different to you trying to build your own successful online business; you need to invest that same amount of time and efforts. Desire & Discipline are two attributes you will surely need all the way through your learning process.

Step 2 – Controlling The Risks

Does this sounds like an odd to you, but still you must focus obsessively on the business to minimize your risks. Your good judgement must come into play at all times, this will diminish the possibility of you doing foolish things that may negate your chances of making money.

In another way, ‘don’t blow your hard earned money on superfluous!

Try your best not to  be tempted by any of the following:myth

  1. Offers that promise you instant wealth- you’ll loose your underwear!
  2. Memberships or software that is unnecessary to your learning – read reviews before buying.
  3. Purchasing Tools that might already be available elsewhere for free, you’d be surprised what you can get for nothing if you look diligently!
  4. Absolutely stay away from gambling or speculative websites!

Be patient,  hang on to your cash for the tried and trusted investment. These are the ones which are vital to the creation and success of your looming online business.

As a starters, I am going to itemize those investments that I and tens of thousands of top affiliates have as our business sword:

  1. Keyword Research Tool – this is an absolute necessity to increase your SEO chances of success.
  2. Wealthy Affiliate Learning – without this extensive training you won’t be going anywhere
  3. Grammar & Plagiarism Checker – Ensures your articles and posts are free from a host of errors.
  4. Good WordPress Theme – websites aesthetics to hold visitors are more important than you might realize. I do recommend genesis as a true professional WordPress theme
  5.  A reputable email marketing program such as AWeber is a must for a business website, a website without email engagement program is like a car without wheels.  While website traffic may shed 5% conversion, email engagement with your existing customers will yield up to 25% conversion,  so,  do the math.


Never be tempted to borrow money to get yourself out of a problem, you may end up getting deeper into even bigger ones. Takes thing wisely and slowly, this is the proper way to solve most problems. Every problem has a solution, don’t rush things, rushing things is the source of most problems.

Step 3 – Never Delude Yourself!

Delude yourself and you will find making money is near impossible. Keep your mind focused on the task ahead and remain on course tackling your campaigns. Don’t get sidetracked, that thief of time will be more than happy to interfere.

Self-delusion is always present when running your own business- confront it and be disciplined. Working for an employer and being an employee is much easier than being the boss, as you are given tasks and have to perform them without worries,  as you are not carrying the can; your boss is. You won’t lose out unless you totally blow it!

This is so different to you being completely in the driver seat (The boss), whereby you carry the can, you pay the bills, so you must not screw up!

Best when you face up to reality and deal with the situation in hand, don’t walk away from difficult decisions and matters, face them boldly like a pro. Only then will you be on course to build your own business that could one day make such a difference in your life.

Getting on top of problems is pivotal to the ultimate success of your venture.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you the chance to change your life and become successful, BUT YOU have to want it – click the button below to find out more, and take that important first step…

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 Step 4- The Ultimate Determinationdetermination

This is the single most important element of success and achievements. No matter who you are, how big your brain is, or how much money you have, you’ll get nowhere without determination.

If you lack the determination that is a must behind every endeavor,  you will fail no doubt. Without that determination none of the above information will get you anywhere, It’ll be no more than nonsense!

Determination is the driving force behind everything that is rolling towards the ultimate success. With it you can loudly shout….. ” I will succeed”.

My final Thoughts

These three secrets are enough to arm you with all the knowledge you need to create your online business and make money at home now! You have the necessary tools and information to help you decide on your next move.

Just move into things wisely and do not delay important things in your life, The only deference between those who got high up there and those who did not is someone took an action and another kept contemplating.

So be one of those pros who take actions and make things happen,  and enough of fruitless imaginations and contemplations, you may contemplate forever and get nowhere! Action is what counts in moving forward.

Almost 2 years ago I was contemplating just like you but I took action, it was the best decision I made, I joined wealthy Affiliate and unleashed all my entrepreneur’s imaginations almost costless other than a small premium monthly fee.determination4

I managed to open 11 FREE successful Affiliate websites, I do proudly invite you to have a look and see it for yourself if this would show you the truth and give you the hope and the assurance you need.  Again I would like to remind you all these websites are FREE, I personally built them At Wealthy Affiliate, I knew nothing about websites, but with the precise extensive training there, I had my first website ( This very website you are at right now) built within 3 days of joining.

And here I am, from being afraid and contemplator to telling you my success story after a short period of time.

Do you have any issues with the steps above or just find it tricky getting your head around the concept of affiliate marketing in general? please do not hesitate to send me a message in the comments box below or use my contact page to do so.

Best Of Regards

Sam Ammouri


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