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How Important Are Comments On My Blog?

Comments are an extremely important SEO elements. The more interaction you get in your comments section the better is the ranking to your site. It also gives your readers the opportunity to get to know you comment1as a person.

As people come to know you and hopefully like you then they will build a bond with you. There is an old saying ” If they like you, they will buy from you.”  Building a rapport on a website is difficult. People can only get to know you based on the content that you create.

So the comments section allows you to build a deeper connection with your readers. That means they will be more likely to buy the stuff you might be offering on your website/blog

Respond To Your Posts In Timely Manner

When someone takes the time to comment you should respond as quickly as possible. May be They felt that it was important to share a thought or ask you a question for deeper info, so make sure that you honor that by replying sooner rather than later.

In case someone leaves a negative comment then the best thing to do is to either ignore the comment on your Webpage or respond to the comment in the most constructive way possible. Getting into a negative back and forth arguments with your readers only makes you look small.

Try To Leave Links In Your Comments Response

You should always be looking for ways to keep people at your website. That is because the more they interact with your website, the more likely there is to become happily involved with whatever it is that you are offering.

And from an SEO point of view, it allows your blog to rank better. When people go to multiple pages of your blog it signals to the search engines that you are producing quality content, this is what Google and other search engine are in pursuit of today

Google reward quality content with higher rankings. So making sure that you are sending people back to your site for answers to their questions is not only a great marketing opportunity but is also a great SEO magic.

Your visitors are watching what you do and say. When you are truly helpful and show that you care, they see that and will start to trust you. Make sure to treat them like a business person would treat their clients. Your readers are your future clients, so showing them respect and consideration should be your top goal.

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