Ranking In The First Pages Of Search Engines

How Important Is It To Be In The First Pages Of Search Engines?

Most businesses are creating online presence by the means of a website. It is also important to know that merely having built a website does not translate into successful business. Your business website should be ranked high in top search engines, so that it would appear in the first search results.google3

Almost 95% of web users look only first page results

The majority of visitors look up for the first four to five results, of the ten search results that appear on the first page. They are hardly interested to check for other results by going from one page to other, this is because the very ranking by search engines is such that, the websites having weak content, poor user friendly features, incomplete data, negative feedback and so on.

Visitors also may skip the page, if they do not find the result they want on the first page and search with other keywords instead. It is, thus, important that users find your website among the nine or ten results, that appear on the first page for the relevant keywords searched.

It encourages More click-through

Results on the first page of search engines are better for business transactions, than those on the second and other pages. Results on first page counts to more visitors, as there is huge competition among those on the page in terms of loading time, the content, website navigability and other user-friendly features of the websites.

Results fulfilling these criteria are more likely to be displayed atop of search engine results- convincing visitors to believe that websites appearing on the first page are more credible,  therefore, increasing click-through rates dramatically.

The More visitors the more sales

Numerous Studies shows that, the number of visitors for the search results on the first page of search YAHOO BINGengine resulted  in more sales than other pages. This is because, the diverse positive attributes of the websites ranked in first page make it possible to be labeled among the best, and therefore, the probability of sales is higher.

Improved popularity to the business

Just by reaching the first page in search engine results is not that much of enough to make business, potential customers would not make come back, if your ranks start falling down . In order To get the customers who want to purchase your product or service, your search engine page ranking should always be high.

Remember, your website should rank high at all times, you should not lose sight of the your visitors at any given time! Constant first page ranking is significant, as the ranking makes customers more familiar with your business and get them more interested in your business and enough sales.

The unshakable loyalty among customers leads to repetitive sales 

The Increased popularity of the business in the online market combined with the good quality products, services offered, increases loyalty among your customers. This increases  their confidence and label you as reliable and worthy enough to make transactions with. This is the key to maintain repetitive sales.

Getting ranked in the first page of the search engines is means more sales, continuous business, more visitors, happy customers and repetitive sales.

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