The Basics And Foundation Of Making Money Online

The Basics And Foundation Of Making Money Online

Endless confusion surrounds this puzzle! “how do you make money online?”money online2

This is not as simple as some scam artists making it sound like! Simply because there are many different ways you can make money online, just like the offline one.

Asking such question truly is not that different from asking “how do I make money anyway?” because of the so many different corners.

Let’s explain what the process is all about and what the foundation of success online is

Lets start with the foundation…

Step 1: The Foundation – A Website

For any online venture you need a website of your own if you wish to be successful. Many try to start together a business without a website but failed. Don’t expect spam the hell out of social medias  and expect magic results, in plain English you need a website.

In the online world A website is equivalent to the foundation of a building. In order for a contractor to successful build a house or another  skyscraper,  a solid foundation is a must. And we all know the tragic qonsequences of doing otherwise.

Building a solid Foundation

I rather teach you how to build skyscrapers. not a mud hot that can definitely  wash away in the rain, absolutely not a long term business model. there is no chances to be taken in business, the smallest mistake and you are under water.

Step 2: Building  The Content

Now that you have your website, then what  Well this is the next step,  to create content. and one that is going to be the real engine of your traffic (with SEO),  the ability to build relationships with your traffic (which translate to revenue), and the creation of your brand (which means a long term business).

Content may vary , it could be text, or comments, may be dialogue within your content, videos or audios. Search engines prefers websites that are content rich and so do we.

Build quality content and the traffic buzz.

Step 3: Generating  The Trafficmoney online

But the big question here how do get this sort of traffic? There are many ways in which you can do it, and content is the real bone here.

1. Writing quality Content
2. Publishing Videos
3. Rankings in Google (who comes from content)
4. Paid Traffic
5. Buying Ads

Here is the most ethical place online that will teach you all this and hook you up with 2 free websites without a single penny.

Step 4: Opening up the store – The Money world

This is where all the excitement is. There are so many ways to make money from websites that has traffic. Just to mention some ….
1.Selling Advertising (to other businesses)
2.incorporating Affiliate Products
3.affiliate with Amazon
4.Selling your own products
5.Selling the Website itself
6.leverage Google Adsense (stick it on your website)

This not all the ways to utilize the traffic of your website but at lease I got you some ideas,  once you have your website which is easy to

have nowadays the sky is the limit for your earning potential and the so many other ways you can utilize to make money from a successful website.


Don’t take this road alone! 

The information of “knowing” how a making money online works won’t take you that far, so the  first thing to suggest is that you don’t do it alone. Don’t try to find your way through mind fields. There are too many scams out there, and lots of “vulture” gurus, giving out misinformation. This is the reason why I want to invite you to MY corner, the place where we help folks every day free No catches, no bull  or credit cards, just fill out a form ride it FREE.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.


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