Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate’s Program & Want You To Join Too!

The Reasons Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate’s Program- And Why I Want You To Join Too!

We all born with emotions and dreams, looking for bright futures and sense of accomplishments and security both for us and our love ones.

Many will accomplish these dreams and Sadly many others will not, while some will fall in between, and the winners are always the serious and determined ones who never give up or take no for an answer!dreams

On this rocky road to accomplish these dreams we may run into many hurdles and phony stuff by those heartless scam artists who always take advantage of our desperate needs to get somewhere in our lives.

I myself fell into 4 scams in my life that cost me over $12,000.00 in a period that extended between 1992 to 2005.

To mention some…

I bought 4 of Don Lopre’s 900 phone services for $4000.00 that got me no where but to more expenses and oversells. Don Lopre finally committed suicide in 2011 as he was being charges with countless felonies and scams in an Arizona court.

I also bought the so famous (Success with Anthony system ) But this time I was very aware of how scam games are played and bailed out of his system the minute his sales dogs started ringing my phone tirelessly and talking me into investing up to 25000.00 with his system and his phony websites.

Can you believe this??? again $25000.00 no kidding!!!.Damn! That was after he asked me how much I have saved for such business and I innocently told him I have 25000.00, he immediately suggested I spend this money with him for immediate results, woooo! this still give me the creeps when I think about it and about those creeps.

I Spent enough time in direct marketing before and I ran a few gift shops in my life, and lost my last gift shop during hurricane Sandy in 2012. but as age starts to cut through us we’ll all be looking for an easier way to make some living or so we think!

Just like many, I found the internet to be a very interesting place to start a career at a little older age since it doesn’t  require that much of physical efforts we tend to loose as we grow older. looking for that honest program to get me there was harder than I thought, they are mostly scams out there! or they want your arm and leg before you see your first penny if ever!online1

I truly bumped into  Wealthy Affiliate’s website one night by accident. I read some of their pages after registering and got my free membership. I truly did not think much of them as anything and said to myself- They are just like anyone else running after your pocket.

I received a few emails from them throughout the weeks and was surprised it was all about education and never even for one time pressured me to join their premium membership

It started to get very interesting to me as I started to dig harder through their website and what they are all about. I truly did not find anything negative to turn me off this site and their program, and the deeper I looked the more interesting it got till I finally realized if my internet dream is ever going to materialize, it must start here or never!

I truly had no experience or any knowledge about websites what so over! can you believe that in 3 days of my first education (Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1) I was able to build my 2 free business website there.

After I published the necessary basic pages of a website to look legit for the public and the search engine and whoever want to do an affiliate business with you alike ( Don’t worry, all the training about doing this is step by step)- I joined amazon.com affiliate program and made my first 2 free website ever! you have no idea how happy I was.  here is the urls of those 2 website for you to see.

one is for canon Cameras All affiliated with amazon.com- http://canondigitalcameras.siterubix.com/

And the other website is for watches also affiliated with amazon.com-( http://citizenwatches.siterubix.com/

As days and weeks went by and the money and my online started kicking in I voluntarily joined the premium membership for more education, more money to promote wealthy affiliate program and limitless numbers of website you can build with the premium membership.

And guess what? now I have a dozen websites working for me days and nights, only 2 years ago I was just dreaming like you and just because I acted now I have all the websites I want and doing all what I had in my head for the future.

Believe me this does not take a magic, it takes only a decision and determination never to give up and be a looser again! You can visit this page to see the rest of the websites I built in less than 2 years.

The reasons why I joined wealthy Affiliates

1- It is a very honest and legit opportunity That gives you a total free ride to start your online business without spending one penny out of your pocket. all you have to do is register for your free membership- See the chart below for starting with both free and premium memberships

2.- All The education you need in all formats, articles, videos, live webinars I mean everything you’ll ever need to become a real webmaster from a zero web background.

3- You will never be spammed, or be bugged with oversells other than reminding you sometimes with the more benefits of a premium membership especially if you want to scale up your operations once money start to roll in.

4- All members there are very helpful and forbidden from spamming their fellow members, you will get any help instantly the minute you ask for it on site.

5- You can directly chat with the owners of the website and ask them directly about anything or any concern you have. something I found hard to do with most other opportunity simply because all they want was what’s in your wallet not what kind of help you need.

5- You can freeze your membership for whatever reason and come back at anytime and with and with one click resume everything you left, everything will be reserved for you the way you left it.

6- Even if you don’t know anything about anything you can enter the wealthy affiliate bootcamp and start earning good money promoting wealthy affiliate itself

Here is an image of the bootcamp you can click on to get there and a breakdown chart of how much money can you earn promoting wealthy affiliates



7- Now the only thing still standing between you and the same success I have here is a decision, you must take your important decisions in time, most people who got no where with their dreams was not because something wrong with their dreams and visions, its because they never took the decision to do so, as for you I do appeal to you to take a decision write this second! avoid the postponing and the delaying that eventually will get you into more frustrations.

This unique opportunity is costless and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself, sadly we can never turn the clock backward and regain back the time we loose, time is money, life is precious, and our financial security in an increasingly complicated world is a must!

My final words is I hope to see you joining today, lets meet at wealthy affiliate and here at my website, bookmark this site and make it another source of very valuable information on how to master the online world. And if you need anything or help from me please leave me your questions in the comment box below or use the contact page above

One more important thing- I would want you to watch this video- it is a must see!

Best Regards

Sam Ammouri

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