The Wealthy affiliate Scam Or Legit Review

My Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or Legit Review


The reason You are here because you have found information on your search for the best online business program about a website called wealthy affiliate, and just like any wise and cautious person out there who is looking for the best way make money online, you are wanting to know a little bit more about this website….

is wealthy affiliate a scam?…..Or the real deal?….

Watch this Wealthy affiliate video as your first taste

“Can you really become wealthy as a member of”

…Then let’s do this Wealthy Affiliate scam review and finally find what it’s all about then shall we….

From The Start….
Wealthy Affiliate began in September, 2005 created by Kyle and Carson, two seasoned internet marketers that had a dream of creating an online University for Internet marketers…a place where fellow internet entrepreneurs can learn…be inspired…network and go on to bigger and brighter things because they have learnt the right way in how to move products online…and thus became university.

kyle and carson

Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate


Kyle and Carson

Kyle and Karson have one sole mission for all their WA members….to help them become successful in their online businesses!. They are constantly around the WA community giving advice and successful marketing tips to members who may have struck a hurdle….it’s very obvious that these two savvy internet entrepreneurs aren’t the kind of marketers that takes your money off you and then don’t see them anymore!,

Kyle and Carson are always around the community…even you yourself as a member can message them, and sure enough…you’ll get a reply. The wealth of knowledge between these two is worth way more than Premium membership let me tell you, and to have them there at your disposal any time that you need their help gives credit to thrir success. Wealthy Affiliate began in 2005 remember, and in internet marketing years…

It is a long time!

Up to date…seven years later and tens of thousands of members to date……. Kyle and Carson are merely two very experienced and successful, easy going internet marketing guys who get such a buzz seeing everyone else succeed through sharing their knowledge in how to market products online in Wealthy Affiliate.

A Very Active Community

Once you set your foot in to become a member and log into, you are welcomed by both free and Premium members. Some have been in the game for many years, bringing in thousands of dollars every week into their account…and some are brand new to internet marketing and having a business online.

They are there to learn, and while there are others who have already learnt as a Wealthy Affiliate how to create an income online, they are still there…willing to help others gain that knowledge of financial freedom….just like Kyle and Carson…and that’s the beauty of having an active live community…whenever you are in need of help, all you do is post it out to the community and you will get your answer…most often from Kyle and Carson themselves! – You are never alone! This is one of the good reasons to be there.

The Tools

Almost Every marketing tool that you need is inside Wealthy Affiliate . Kyle and Carson have sourced through their experience and brought together some amazing internet marketing tools just for their members, and they are all yours to use – Free! . These tools will be very new to you if you are a total newbie and know absolutely nothing about website construction, internet marketing and (Search Engine Optimization) .

But once you learn how to use these tools to serve you in your online projects….you will discover how easy it is to actually build a traffic hungry website with the right tools and know how!. And like I said before, If you ever get stuck and need a hand at something…..the active community is there to help you….every step of the way.

Step by step training modules

At Wealthy Affiliate there is also fantastic ‘Getting Started’ training modules that is geared towards the absolute beginner venturing into internet marketing for the first time….Or for those who have online businesses already and are wanting to learn how to get traffic to their sites and market their product/s on the internet the right way.

These modules will give you such and incredible insight in how the marketing game actually works. You can take your time and go through these training modules for as long or as many times as you like.

Webinars and videos

Wealth boasts a vault full of training videos and webinars that are treated like gold in the WA community. These training videos and webinars are packed full of the most effective internet marketing tips and techniques that you can follow in your own time and use to make your creative mind flow with excitement for your own marketing campaigns in your online venture.

unlimited websites with hosting – Free!

That’s right!…even as a free member you get to build yourself two websites with free domain names and hosting, but for those who are serious about making a financial change to their life as an internet marketer and becomes a Premium member, the sky is the limit to the amount of websites that you want to build and have hosted there!.

I really don’t know of any other internet marketing training program that gives Premium members the freedom to build any amount of websites you like and have them hosted right there for you inside Wealthy Affiliate at no extra charge.

A sound Affiliation Program

Even as a free member you can make money in the WA Affiliate Program?…I know…sounds crazy right?….but it’s true!. Each person that upgrades to a Premium members will lead to recurring revenue for you!. Let me give you a prime example….if you were to sign yourself up to be a Starter(Free) Member….study through the ‘Getting Started’ training tools…

Set yourself up with your two free websites, one for a product that you would be proud to affiliate yourself with and endorse….and the other to spread the word in how you have changed your life in making a financial future for yourself working online…Can you imagine how much you would earn as a free member if you were to only have  two people see your website each month that sign up and become Premiums?…

Here is your affiliate commission structure as a Free Starter member:

A- $17.00 commissions every month (for a monthly premium member)

B- $130.00 commissions every year (for a yearly premium member)

Just 2 people joining under you every month, you will have earned $408 per month as monthly Premium membership and if they join up as yearly Premium members you get yourself $3,120 every year!….that just two members every month!.

Wooo Sounds pretty darn nice to have in your pocket…and that’s just being a Free Member!. But get this…if you were to become a Premium Member yourself get a whopping 33% more! …. Isn’t it Unbelievable?


The Cons:

The Free Starter Membership is good – Premium is way greate!

When you join and sign up as a free member in Wealthy Affiliate then you are on your way to becoming an internet marketer. You have lots of tools and learning material there to get you rolling. But if you’re dead serious like me to become a top marketer online, then Premium membership is where you want to go.

Almost Everything is either amped up ten fold or unlimited in Premium membership, with more intense, dynamic learning programs always being added by Kyle and Carson and their amazing team at Wealthy Affiliate.

There’s certified ‘Online Entrepreneur’ training modules catered for Premium members that gives you further in-depth training techniques and methods used by experienced top internet marketers that have made their online millions.
Like I said…Starter Membership is great….Premium is way greater!

Its Time To Build Your Business

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme – Believe me! Everything in life takes time to mature, flourish and grow…we as people are no different…and building a successful business is the same, both online and offline!. If you already understand that then I take my hat off to you for realizing the logistics of a successful business. Learning…comprehending…and applying success takes time and efforts!

Here it is… The Wealthy Affiliate review, and I am here to fill you all in what’s really going on inside this live community of wealth driven marketers, because other than the two I have pointed out, I cannot find anything else that is to be considered as a ‘con’ inside Wealthy Affiliate…seriously!.

Everything that you need to know in how to earn a living online is right there at your fingertips, how much you earn is all dependent on how rich you want to be and how hard you are willing to work to get to that goal.
…And in fact…You Can Become Wealthy with Wealthy Affiliate.

This incredibly live and vibrant community inside that website alone is worth a fortune!. Learn from experienced, six figure earning internet marketers willing to help you become successful by sharing their passion of the internet marketing world!

My final words

Wealthy Affiliate university in my opinion is the best educational school of knowledge for anyone who wishes to market any product online, and I find Wealthy Affiliate to be the most legitimate and ethical website with legitimate owners who are on a mission to help fellow members succeed as online entrepreneurs, and that is the clinching reason why I myself have joined and became a Premium member….and I am loving the look of my future and online endeavor.

In an online business nowadays A Website is your voice throughout the world And the ultimate platform to launch everything about your online business. Its nor really much you can do for an online business without a website, Just like trying to drive a car without wheels.

Take your first step and get your first free website at wealthy affiliate as your first start by clicking the banner below.


A keyword search tool is your ultimate weapon when searching keywords or writing articles. A good keywords research tool could mean the difference between success and failure.  At wealthy Affiliate they came up with the amazing keywords search tool  (Jaxxy). You can take this amazing tool for a free ride and see for yourself what you are capable of doing when riding this keywords buster tool. And you can also watch full tutorial video made by Kyle of wealthy affiliate regarding this amazing tool.

Now Watch video Below

Now take her for a ride

Are you still here???  What are you waiting for? Jump on the bus of your future right now!  See you there at Wealthy Affiliate today not tomorrow!. If you need any further help just give me a shout below.  And share this with others you may care for..

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