Most Valuable Tips To Lower Your PPC Cost

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Most Valuable Tips To Lower Your PPC Cost

If you’re already familiar with the world of PPC (Pay Per Click) then you know it requires a lot of patience.  A single deadly mistake many would make when they first start is to put up keywords andppc2 then let it run for as long as they had the budget to cover that.  A few hundred or thousands dollars later and no conversions then they realize something is wrong.

Here is some tips of what you can do to dramatically lower you PPC cost.

1- Create relevant targeted content

I covered the content topic before in many occasions, your content must be relevant and very precise to your niche, If you are selling bananas don’t talk about tomatoes.

2- Make sure your adds and keywords are very precisely relevant to your content.

embedding the precise keywords through your content means drawing the very right crowed to your product,  writing a big general keyword may confuse your visitors and trigger a very low if not zero conversion for your PPC.

“Example” If your niche is within the birds category and lets say you are selling parrots, there are thousands of kinds of birds out there, so in this case your content and keywords should all be about parrots and never mention the word bird by itself.

Then narrow it down to precisely come to the kind of parrot that you are selling, now by doing so you are going to get the visitors that are 100% relevant to your offer, do this with every product you have, come down to the very ridiculous detail of the product so you’ll leave no room for mistakes.

3- Split test your ads- This is extremely essential with PPC campaigns

By increase your CTR for providing better ads, your quality scores are going to increase and costs are ppc3going to be lower.  Never do more than two ads at a time.  Otherwise, you’ll have a much more difficult time knowing what the changes are.

4- Split test your landing pages

Split testing your landing pages is very important.  This requires some more work but Google has tools that can help.  You essentially add in a piece of code into both pages that you want to split test, and Google takes care of switching them out.  Again never do more than two landing pages at a time.

5- Give your campaign some time

You need to give your campaigns time,  and if you see after a certain amount of time the keywords are getting enough clicks but low CTR,  or conversions are way less than you hoped for, pause the keyword.  These keywords are bad seeds and killing your budget. Never give up stand like a champ and start the process again and troubleshoot what you did wrong.

6- Advice in search engine positioning and the sweet spot.

Lt’s suppose you are getting really good positioning,  second or third on page 1.  My advice is to lower your bids.  Apply this by one or two cent increments each day until you notice that you’re  losing ground on your positioning.

That’s the keyword’s sweet spot.  On the other hand, if you are not getting good positioning but you feel like that keyword has some potential, increase the price in increments until you get to its sweet spot.  Just make sure you are getting the results you want when you’re doing that.

PPC campaigns are an awesome way to get fast, targeted traffic.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to pay your top dollar for it.  Hopefully by using these tips you can optimize your campaigns and get the results you always wanted with least money possible.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



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