Want To Save Money Dinning Out? I’ll Show You How With A Few Simple Steps

Do You Want To Save Money Dinning Out? Follow The Simple Steps below

1. Try To Share Your Food.

This probably won’t work as well if you are single, but if you are married or have a significant other, you can get away with sharing at a restaurant and truly save serious money here.dinning1

2. Tipping Is Nor Required All The Time In Many Places.

Eatery Places like Panera Bread Company, Quizno’s, Moe’s, Chipotle Grille, McAllister’s, and many other restaurants allow customers to order their food at a counter, and pick it up farther down the line. The food is usually as quality as chain restaurants, and you save on the tip! That’s a 15% plus savings!

3. Don’t buy drinks Just For The Heck of It!

Such as soda and alcohol. Look, if you are out to have a good time and drink, then Why not going to a bar! Typically, drinking at a bar is much cheaper than drinking at a nice restaurant. You can also stick to water instead of soda or coffee, it’s healthier for you, and now they sell sodas for over $2.50 a pop in some places! That absolutely adds up if you have a family of five going out for dinner.

4. When it comes to fast food- Wendy’s is my Spot

Even though it is not the best food for you, but this place has many options other than a burger and fries, and they have the wonderful 99 cent menu if it is still running up to now. You can get a cup of chili, a side salad, and yogurt with granola for only $3.00 if they have not changed the price! Now that is a deal in comparison to other junky fast food places.

5. Try not to overstuff yourself.

You are not just overspending by doing so, but this is also how you gain weight. Practice self control and stop eating when you are full. Then, get the food in a doggy bag and you will have lunch for your next day.  Turning your $17 dollar restaurant meal into two separate meals is a great way to save money and fat.

6. Check Groupon’s Restaurants best offers before venturing out

Groupon is one of the most dynamic companies in bringing in mind blowing deals. I have their banner below and on top of page. so happy dinning and happy savings.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



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