Ultimate Marketing with Video and Audio

Ultimate Marketing with Video and Audio

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Webinar Description

We are all in a digital age where videos are seen and used on a daily basis – so why are YOU not using it yet?
Right! .. because it costs a ton of money? Nope! Nope!
Creating and using video or audio to convey your message is now a really easy thing to do and there is no need to have a massive budget for it.
In most cases, there is no additional cost what so ever!
There are a variety of ways to use video: * Webcams * Video cams * Screencasts * Podcasts * Power Points Presentations and other.
Again Join Jay (magistudios)  will walk you through how to create and market your videos for traffic, rankings and conversions!

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • How to create a screencast video
  • SEO methods to publishing YouTube videos
  • How to get traffic to your videos
  • Your Video Assignment This Week!
  • Using different forms of video and audio

Hope you will enjoy this tutorial and please share and help others we all care about

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