My Ultimate Success Story At Wealthy Affiliate

From knowing Nothing About Online To a Webmaster Professional In 2 Years

sam ammouri

Hello everybody, I’m Sam Ammouri, The owner of this website- I believe by now you got used to this lovely face. LOL.

First let me dearly thank those loyal members who accompanied me during this 2 year online journey and gave me the courage to go on and on, cheering my work and giving me the inspiration and moral boost badly needed especially  when taking such path from scratch without any bit of knowledge or background to achieving the ultimate success that I’m now trying to detail as much as I can.

This is my earning screenshot for one morning at 9am 12/19/20214- The day even hardly started, this money came while I was asleep still have long way to the end of the day. This is not for bragging but for you to see what you can do too in months.


As I mentioned in my about page I had been in the direct marketing business since 1994 after being a waiter for many years. I did very well operating 3 gift shops till 2012 when hurricane Sandy came and took everything with it.

This time I decided for a big change since I’m getting older not younger, I thought of the internet as my best solution, work from home behind your computer, no one to hassle, work with your pajamas and make money, you know the story etc.

This sounded too good to be true as it would sound to anyone in this world! but the problem is I know nothing about online marketing or making or running websites but I wasn’t going to make this hurdle stop my vision of such convenient concept.

Of course I made my mind and started to look for such magic if it really does exist in this world, to make the story short I fell into 2 scams, one was Anthony Morison program and the other was Empower network, I lost about $5000.00 between the two, I saw nothing but upsells and decided to quit after a few months.

Licking The Wounds

Defeated, humiliated,  and liking my wounds like a wounded dog, I decided to consider this as an experience not a defeat and to keep on the search but smarter this time. I stumbled upon a site called Wealth Affiliatedefeated

That has training, Support, 2 free websites, keywords tools, webinars, videos all for free. I said wooo! Another scam here! but I decided to give it a try, it was all for free, so, it made no sense not to try. This was the best decision I ever made.

I found them to be truly ethical, honest, no hassle, no annoying upsells, spamming the members is very prohibited, over 100.000 member very helpful community, it’s the reason why I’m here and telling you my story. so Someone finally was honest out there and gave me all I need to be where I want to be now.

Now I own 13 websites, this is my main one and 2 just made last 10 days, the rest are mainly commercial selling  and other affiliate programs products. And yes I’ve reached my financial independence, it took me almost 2 years to start from, knowing zero to a webmaster professional just like you see.

You have to be determined and patientclimbfree

The secret to my success was the determination and in taking the ups & downs as lessons not defeats. Websites will absolutely give you money,  but the bitter fact is that they need time to mature,  at least 6 months to a year till you can see the actual results and to have that wide smile on you face.

That’s why I’m really frustrated and very angry at those ONLINE PIRATES who try the most vicious tricks in making you believe that in a matter of hours or days you’ll see the money popping out of your computer just like a winning slot machine would, and they are so good at convincing you to believe such… And you know the rest.

Below screenshots of my news release of the ultimate success at Wealthy Affiliate After 2 years of being a member there, see the WA members reaction.
















As you can see the applause is a mile long, hope to see you joining us today, I’m very sure that you feel the sense of success and the legitimacy of this opportunity that will start you without a dime.

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