Ultimate Tinymce Editor Know How To

How To Use Tiny-mce Buttons


You really can do SO MANY COOL Stuff with your text using this wonderful plug,  just by highlighting it and clicking a button. I’ve spent hours fiddling about with different buttons and saying “oooh” and “aaah” like it’s a firework display, so much fun!

One more reason I recommend you just adding a few buttons to start with, the ones you think you will need, is because it can take a while to find them on your visual editor if you have too many!

Changing theText Color

The button you should be concerned with is one of the following…

The first one opens up a simple palette for you to choose from, and the second one gives you a huge color range to select from and you can get precisely  the color you want. Play about with it and get the feel of it.

Highlight Text

By using this button you can highlight text,  Again you can choose ANY color you want.

Font And Font Size Change

The two buttons you want to look for here are these two below. They have drop-down lists for you to choose from.

The Abbreviations

You may not need abbreviations, but they are pretty cool if you do find a way to use them. If it serves a good purpose for your site visitors.

After clicking this button:

You get this pop-up menu:

You may experiment with the other settings if you want, but all I have ever filled in was titles. When somebody moves their mouse over an abbreviation, the “title” is what will pop up.

There are some other features too that you might want to explore, but for now those are the buttons that I think you will use the most.

See also more vital info about this plugin and how to… Install UltimateTinyMCE Editor

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