How To Verify Your Website Ownership With Google

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Verifying Your Website Ownership With Google

This step by step guide will take you through verifying your WordPress website With Google when you don’t have ftp access. The guide starts with setting up Google Analytics on your WordPress site without using plugins.

After you sign in into you Google account

Important – You must have a Google Account. If you have a g-mail account, then you are good to go. If you don’t have gmail, I highly recommend setting up a gmail account for your affiliate marketing business.

Visit to create an account. Visit and sign in to your account

Right click on image for a larger size


Sign up for Google Analytics

After Signing into your Google Account-Sign Up at Google Analytics



you will see this screen after you sign in

Adding Your Site to Google

Fill in your Website’s information

submit your info and you will get the tracking code screen

Copy the code from the screen to be added it to your website.

Now Adding Code to your Site

In a New Tab on your browser.. Login in to your wordpress website wp-admin dashboard
then click editor in the appearance menu

Now click on the header file

Now paste the code from GA into the header file right above the line that shows < /head >

Make sure to update the file after you have pasted the code into the editor.

Visit Your Website and Test Google A

Once information is verified now start adding your webpages to be indexed with speed in Google.

now click here to learn how to add your site pages for instant Google index

Hope this tutorial has helped you and please share and spread the message


Sam Ammouri

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