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What is VideoScribe?

Created by Sparkol in (2012) VideoScribe is a comprehensive video animation software program. Based in the UK, the company has been at the forefront of this highly popular method of animated marketing.

This brilliant animated creation has captured the attention of government agencies, marketers and vid2promoters alike. Graphic design artists and pioneer video makers have taken to creating their own forms of animation using this user friendly software – and with awesome results.

Of course,  There are numerous other animated video software makers to choose from, but VideoScribe, in my view stands  above the rest,  mainly because you can own the software, rather than being locked into a monthly or annual payment and endless subscriptions.

Another important factor is that you can use VideoScribe to make your own whiteboard videos without the need of complicated software or professional assistance –  Isn’t that cool and very cost effective?


More About VideoScribe


  •  The first program on the web to enable simple self-made scribe videos
  • Is a desktop program for both PC and Mac.
  • Has apps for iPad and Android

Whiteboard animation has become more common in the marketing arena, teaching organizations and business presentations, as well as in video productions

Watch this Video here for more


There are A few pricing structures depending on what you need. If you are a big user or plan to create videos commercially, then the best value is to buy the program outright.

If you were to hire anyone to make a video for you, you wouldn’t get much content for $5 – perhaps 25 seconds and no voice-over!

A professionally produced one minute video animation could cost you anything between $60 and $120 depending on the quality.

Monthly payments – $22

Annually payment – $144

On-off Payment – $480 (Be in the watch for offers!)

one subscription downloads to all your computers

My Final Message

If you want to get your professional message out to the masses and keep them engaged on your website, this is a stunning way to capture their attention and engage them. If they can stay with you a bit longer, the chances of making a conversion is dramatically increased.

It’s not going to take you long to learn how to create animations with this easy to use program, and the good part is that it’s fun!  Anything enjoyable tends to get done well – so your message has a chance of being really amazing and entertaining.

See more details here for this amazing program

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