Ways To Better Rankings In Google Instant

Ways To Better Rankings In Google Instant

Google instant has not eliminated SEO by any means, despite the rumors, but simply changed the approach that search engine marketers must take in order to get their websites to appear higher in google3rankings and with their best foot forward.  Here are some ways that you can ensure better rankings  in Google Instant.

1. Make sure you Include a Keyword in Your Brand Name

Are you just starting out, then you’re in luck. Get your primary keyword in your brand name, preferably as the first word, and you are half way there, as the first results of the first keyword word entered into searches will attract a lot of clicks, especially if your brand dominates the first few search engine results.

2. Begin to think Like Searchers do

As “instant” results start popping up, you have to really start thinking like searchers do to make sure your site is optimized for the keywords that your potential visitors will more likely to be searching.  What is the first word they are likely to type in to find you?

3. It is very smart to Include Google Suggest as a Keyword Research Tool

The fact that highlighting a Google suggested term will bring instant results, targeting the terms that come up for your primary  keyword is now more vital than ever.backlinks

4. Try to get Locally Optimized for Generic Keywords

In case your business has physical locations in one or more places, now is the time to apply local search marketing to your website and your brand, both on-site and off-site. Almost 70% of searches are for local content, which means you will want to make sure your business comes up immediately, showing people exactly where you are in this world.

5. Always make Sure Your Online Reputation is Clean and ethical

The newest thing of the new Google Instant features is the “Something Different”   and “Pages similar to” sections in the left sidebar and beneath the   first 10 search results.  If someone is looking for your brand, and you have some negative entries in the top 10 results, chances are they will be easily tempted to check out your competitors instead of you.

Having enough of positive online presences  such as local search profiles, social media profiles, blogs, subdomains, etc.), you will be able to bring down those negative results so that you will make a good first impression with your top search results

6. Saturate Search Results with Multimedia

Whether your brand is a business or just yourself.  Producing a wide variety of content will ensure that when anyone types in your name or brand, they will only find you and at ease

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